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Most people take the same journey to work every day. Sit in the same place and attend the same routine meetings. Sometime it’s very hard to do it differently and get inspired with innovative ideas. Attract creativity into your daily work life isn’t something easy to do. Creativity play a big role in how a solution to a problem is outlined, what alternatives can be chosen, and how to identify new ways of looking at the problem. It is the ability to create new ideas to design new perspectives on existing ones. …

The importance of good principles in the process of creating a solid foundation for functional design systems

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During my work experience as a Lead Designer, I’ve been facing a lot of complications and difficulties when I had to structure my design thinking. Throughout time I came across some useful rules that helped me to better understand the job of been a Designer.

First of all, above these 10 principles, I just want to say that the most helpful habits for me is to continuously trying to attempt to keep simplicity into my choices, and never stop learning and discover new ideas that works best for me.

But for now here are my 10 golden rules in design…

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I’ve always admired people with the innate ability to simplify and eliminate the unnecessary. The kind of people that stand out from the crowd naturally, just because the necessary speaks out for them. Some people’s approaches are so simple that they can appear so beautifully sophisticated.

One of the key reference people in my life was my dad. An extremely simple person in many ways. I learned a lot from him about living a happy life with simplicity and how to make the complicated simple with creativity.

Complication VS Complexity

I have noticed that most people tend to complicate their life. We complicate our life when we are ignorant about our own ego and greed, unrealistic expectations and irrational fear. Moreover, I think that a lot of people unknowingly mix the meaning of complication and complexity together. Complication is just a long and intricate road that leads to confusion and frustration. In fact, statistics confirm that approaching a problem with a complicated problem solution is going to fail 99% of the time. …


Emanuele Milella

Founder & Creative Director @Kroll Studio

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