Promoting Healthy Food & Meal Variety

We absolutely love providing a huge range of daily ordering options to all the companies we’re working with. Given we have relationships with a huge number of restaurants, we can provide unparalleled variety across our network and we’re working hard to change the expectation.

One of the great new restaurants we’re working with is Farm Hill Foods. We’re providing their delicious food to a range of our companies as part of the rotating meal plans we provide them to increase selection across the board. For our full service clients, we do provide a huge delivery radius for Farm Hill (they’re based in Redwood City) from San Mateo all the way down to Sunnyvale in order to get fresh, wholesome ingredients delivered.

Organic & Fresh Wholesome Food (Andrew Zhou Photography — Amazing!)

The beauty of increasing the daily meal rotation in your office is ensuring that you don’t have the same food over and over. That’s one of the biggest frustrations we’re constantly told about and something we’re pushing the boundary to be the absolute leaders in. No service can match the sheer number of restaurants we work with as we do everything from planning, to delivery and setup. You don’t have to work with third parties — you only work with us.

Considering that we work with so many great restaurants like Farm Hill, your daily lunch, dinner or events can select any of the restaurants available around you. You can place orders individually through our site using Group Orders or alternatively get family style delivery — the choice is completely yours.

I’m feeling like some Mexican Now!

So whether your office, function or event is feeling like organic, fresh and wholesome food from Farm Hill Foods or whether you want some Estrellita or any other cuisine variety — you can trust us to bring you an unparalleled order, planning and delivery experience.

To get your company started with Miles & Company — just click here. We’d love to amaze you like we are doing with so many others.