7 Insights from 3 Years in Product Management

Personal learnings which will drive my future work as a product manager & SEO

1. Build for outcome

2. Build around people problems

Model your KPIs around how users measure success and not around business goals.

3. Love the problem space

If I had one hour to chop down a tree, I’d spend 50 minutes sharpening my axe.

Uncover the job and the solution becomes obvious.

4. Build for Learning

The only way to find out if sth works is simple: ship it.

Experiment: Sending weekly mails to 1000 users will generate a stable opening rate of > 50% over 4 weeks.

5. Draw pictures

BLA? Blah!
Roadmap Picture Artifact

6. Product Innovation over Optimization

»There will never be a mass market for motor cars — about 1,000 in Europe — because that is the limit on the number of chauffeurs available!« — Spokesman for Daimler Benz

7. Know your personality




Product Thinker

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