Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 157

One aspect of driving in Apple Car we did not cover so far, is night driving. The experience of driving in a car by night is special, and has inspired humanity and especially pop culture for decades. It’s more dangerous, it’s mysterious and somewhat an even more direct experience of feeling like a prehistoric cave man sitting in a shelter staring out in the dark. I think the memories we have to that driving mode are even more engrained, since they start at an early age when we used to sit in the back of our parents’ car, going home…

The key to Apple Car.

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 156

In The Circular Couch Theory, I explained the rationale between installing the complex hardware tech required for an autonomous car and hiding it with a superimpose design.

Based on this foundational concept, Stefan built and rendered the beautiful images below, showing Apple Car as we envision it.

This is still not showing how it works, only how it looks, but you get a feel for the simplicity of its appearance, hiding away the complexity of all the tech that is required for selfdriving cars „under the hood“ (that won’t exist anymore).


This year’s strike was different than any before. During a lockdown, the challenge was to have as many people in a safe and legal environment. The brilliant idea of the organisers was a chain of people around the city’s imperial ring road, each individual with a three meter distance to the next.

I joined just before noon to listen to speeches and music acts doing cover versions of mainstream songs, dubbed with new climate crisis lyrics. …

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 155

About a year ago, I drew the sketch above into my notebook. It was the result of my fascination about Micromobility and its connection to autonomous cars. Both are already here and will be living in co-existence, but in this sketch I took the connection of the two literally.

A day ago, the story broke that the Apple-Hyundai-Kia-Canoo love triangle may be more than just about autonomous cars. Apparently, the companies are looking at eight different areas in transportation together. One of them could be scooters.

They are

…discussing cooperation in “last mile” mobility, or transport to complete a final…

My favourite bike shop.

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 154

Bikes are a fun business: There is no market leader, there are gazillions of makes and designs, and since the bike was invented back in the 19th century, it is in use in every corner of the globe by all ages and demographics. Bikes are a tool so universal, it’s actually hard not to overlook.

One thing that stood out to me watching the Micromobility Revolution unfold, is the fact that there are again lots of startups and new ideas that have sprung up all over the world. One example that stuck with me is Bikxie from India, a bike…

Kia West Point

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 153

A half an hour ride from where Tim Cook graduated, in Auburn, Alabama, Kia operates its Georgia based manufacturing plant which is rumoured to be partnering with Apple in creating Apple Car.

A volume auto brand of Hyundai, Kia is said to be among the most reliable car brands out there. And reliability is just what Apple seeks in a partner.

However, rumours are far from confirmed and Hyundai themselves appear to be still uncertain whether to partner with Apple, or not. …

Thoughts on Apple car, Part 152

One aspect of the coming mobility revolution that we haven't covered so far is the change in consumption versus non-consumption. Through the lens of Apple, we can observe which industries they have entered and essentially ground the overall market in an industry. They have done that by converting non-consumption: people who previously did not use a product or service have been converted to do so. When this happens on a large scale and covers all age groups and demographics, we call it market expansion.

Horace Dediu recently broke down the industries Apple is in and compared it to the car…

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 151

Over the years, Tim Cook repeatedly talked about cars – even when the context of all of those comments was something completely different each time.

I have been collecting all the statements in order to get a feel how the company talks about transportation.

So here is Cook on cars, his own words:

“We talk about the ‘last mile’ of the supply chain — the delivery person who actually brings your product to the door. If that were done with all electric vehicles, that would be a really fantastic thing. That’s going to happen.”

About the personal user experience:


Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 150

I have been discussing the importance of the interior design in autonomous vehicles for five years. Part of that was to think up eventual design decisions that come up when consequently applying focus and reduction to the essence of what is needed in a smart room on smart wheels – the term used by Neil Cybart and a few others when describing the closest metaphor to future self-driving cars.

Initially, I followed the pipe dream that an interior could basically consist of anything imaginable – once the square room that I and others envisioned will drive itself, what we can…

Thoughts on Apple Car, Part 149

To be honest, last week’s rumors on new battery tech making all the difference in Apple Car, caught me off guard. As Reuters reports, claiming sources who saw the battery design, Apple may have groundbreaking new ways to design an EV key component.

It surprised me because I have looked at so many angles of what Apple could bring to the table, focusing of course on design and user experience, but embarrassingly overlooked the energy question – not totally, but I missed the detail, especially when it comes to understanding what Apple could do differently than any other carmaker.


Michael Schmidt

Director Consulting at Virtual Identity. I spent a decade on automotive brands in digital, and blog about #strategy, the #ClimateCrisis, and #AppleCar.

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