How “information gain” stops you from being marked as copycat content

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Four common causes for exhaustion and their solutions.

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Mindset makes the difference.

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Why you can’t let your creative dreams drift away

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And why you should never trust a perfect score.

Are the ones that just won’t die.

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Predictions for the future of copywriting

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Words with consequences

I’m fully aware that churning out cheap SEO-baiting articles in the days following a high-profile death is the lowest of the low. Five things marketers can learn from Stan Lee is not just culturally worthless, it’s shamefully exploitative. This article does not indulge that trend, but I was moved to write it by a shocking event in recent news.

Somewhere in the Baltic sea.

If it’s ‘content’, it’s culturally worthless.

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Content is culturally worthless

If those examples sound a little wrong, it’s because they are.

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