React 16.3 Lifecycle Methods

  • UNSAFE_componentWillMount
  • UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate
  • UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps
  • getDerivedStateFromProps
  • getSnapshotBeforeUpdate

static getDerivedStateFromProps(nextProps, prevState)

The new method getDerivedStateFromProps is a static function and is used instead of componentWillReceiveProps with React 16.3.



Now let’s look at the use of getDerivedStateFromProps for the same example. Instead of using this.setState as in our first example, we updated the state directly. If there is no update, it returns null.

getSnapshotBeforeUpdate(prevProps, prevState)

One of our new methods, getSnapshotBeforeUpdate, generally covers the workspaces of componentWillMount. In short, the virtual DOM is used before being reflected in the DOM.




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