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“AR now is like HTML in 1995”

How AR will dominate consumers, #1

Welcome to my new series about Augmented Reality in a consumer world.

To start this new thing off, I’d like to throw in a thought starter:

“Think about how many of the things you use don’t actually need to be physical.”, Mark Zuckerberg

With all the hype around emerging technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (“what the heck is that again?”) I want to take a new approach and create a series around the most interesting one: Augmented Reality
A common theme on my Medium, but this time I will take a deep-dive approach.

What makes AR so interesting (to me)?

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”, Steve Jobs, 2007.
For the beginning I’ll substitute product with technology
(Products will follow. Lots of them.)

I think digging deep into AR can offer so much value. That’s my motivation behind this series. Let’s start:

Understand hypes

Virtual Reality has been all over the news, blogs, … over the last three years. But: From a product perspective Virtual Reality is like Google Glass – a typical hype by generating “extensive publicity” — just with the wrong technology, wrong timing and fatal consumer understanding.

VR will always be a niche technology serving specific use cases and provide little value in the everyday consumer life since you are tied to a device (glasses, lenses) with no contact to the real world — at any time!

Understand technology

To stay in the same analogy:
Augmented Reality is far more like Snap’s
Focus on the consumer and build tech around that…not the other way!

Someone recently (forgot the name 🤷🏻‍♂️) on a TechCrunch podcast mentioned: 
AR now is like HMTL in 1995.”.
Think about it for a minute. Who would have imagined HTML5 and its potentials in 1995? Nobody. Not even Bill Gates.

Yet AR will have such a profound impact on our everyday life. Most of us just don’t see it…yet…

Stay tuned for the first post digging deep into AR!