Why AI will make AR useful

How AR will dominate consumers, #2

Just like I mentioned in my first post of the series that “AR now is like HTML in 1995”, Luke Wroblewski says that “chat bots (AI) can now be crappy websites”.

Facebook Messenger user journey

The example above shows that the two technologies are pretty similar when it comes to their current state of development. People see potential but there’s way to go.

There is real interest from GAFA

If you see the biggest companies on the world — GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) — show the amount of interest they do in AI and AR technology you know you’re onto something. Let’s break that down:

Between 2012–2016 they have been shopping companies around Artificial Intelligence:

Big players acquire tech know-how

According to a CB Insights study investments in the AR/VR sector mirror this picture — as the number of AI M&As grow the YoY amount of AR/VR investments increases.

Investment in AR/VR tech increases

AI will become AR’s eye

Computer vision, one of the advances in Artificial Intelligence, will be one of the most important fields for mass AR. Basically put Computer Vision uses real world visual input and processes it via artificial intelligence.

Augmented Reality needs processed input to display information via some sort of output (glasses, lenses, windows, …). Computer Vision can input visual data via a lens, process it and for instance recognize store signs. Based on that input it can display useful information, offers, …

However, this is just the beginning.
Just image what’s possible, when GAFA has its hands on these technologies.

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