Internet in Myanmar in 2017

We at MOA process a huge amount of Myanmar web data every single day. Since year 2017 is coming to the end soon, we would like to share with you what we have learnt in 2017 about Myanmar internet usage.

It’s obvious there has been a wider use of internet in Myanmar in 2017. Facebook still is the king, and has taken a huge pie of web traffic in Myanmar by introducing Instant Articles.

We have over 12 million unique devices connected to MOA Network of Websites in 2017. The following stats are from our data that we collected from our Ad Network —

Devices used to access the internet

Smartphone dominated the space in Myanmar at 85%.

Top Device Brands

Samsung leads the top device brand category. Apple at 8% is higher than what I estimated in Myanmar.

Top Device Models

As we can see here, Samsung Galaxy J2 and J7 is a success in Myanmar.

Top Browsers

Hourly online usage pattern

Internet usage peaks at 8pm in Myanmar.

Countries with most Myanmar people besides Myanmar

Thailand has the most number of Myanmar people besides Myanmar.

We at MOA stay true to our mission which is to empower Myanmar creators by providing channels to monetize their content.

In 2017, we saw over 20 new content websites. We believe we will see more creators in the coming years. We are proud of our achievement in 2017 and on behalf of whole MOA team, I would like to thank our advertisers, agencies, publishers and partners for being part of our journey.