Windows: How to record videos?

Mar 19 · 4 min read

Monosnap allows recording exactly what you want: whether it’s the entire screen, an area, or a window. Let’s know how to do this!

Guide content:

  • Quick start
  • Video recording
  • Video preview
  • Video settings
  • Hotkeys
  • Troubleshooting

Quick start

  1. 📥 Download and launch Monosnap
  2. Open main menu and select Record video
Monosnap main menu

Before recording, you can quickly set up general recording settings:
⚠️ Each button shows the current state.

Monosnap video menu
  1. Fullscreen or Area recording.
  2. Audio/sound recording.
  3. Webcam recording.
  4. All other specific settings can be set up in the main settings window.

After setup, press Record button to start.

Video recording

After beginning recording, you will see the sidebar with additional options:

Monosnap video sidebar
  1. Stop recording
  2. Pause recording
  3. Enable Webcam
  4. Draw Arrow during recording
  5. Draw Rectangle during recording
  6. Draw with Pen during recording

Tip: Go to Settings > Hotkeys to set up hotkeys for all options above to speed up your workflow.
Tip: Go to Settings > Video to hide or move sidebar.

Video preview

After recording, the video preview window with the recorded video.
Here you can:

  1. Play video
  2. Rewrite video with the same settings
  3. Rename video
  4. Save video to the local disk
  5. Upload video to the cloud storage or YouTube
Monosnap video preview window

Video settings

All video settings located in the Monosnap Settings > Video window.

Monosnap Settings > Video

FPS Frames per second is the frequency at which consecutive images called frames to appear on display.

Quality of the recorded video.

Webcam allows recording webcam and screen videos simultaneously.

Capture mouse cursor during video recording.
Capture mouse clicks during video recording.

The sidebar is a tool panel that allows us to stop/pause recording, on/off webcam during recording, and gives access to the drawing tools. You can set up the sidebar state and position. States:

  • Hidden — sidebar will be hidden during the recording. You can use hotkeys instead of the sidebar.
  • Floated — sidebar will hide and show by hover.
  • Pinned — sidebar will be fixed in the selected position during the recording.
Settings > Video > Sidebar settings

Audio Inputs for carrying audio signals allow selecting audio devices: system audio, external, or internal mics.


In the Monosnap Settings > Hotkeys, you can set up hotkeys for all available video options.

Monosnap Settings > Hotkeys


  1. How to fix a “GPU device instance has been suspended” error?
  2. How to fix the issue with your graphic card?
  3. If the video preview window didn’t open after recording, please try to find the video in these folders:

⚠️ All videos are stored in these folders temporarily to prevent taking up extra disk space. A video file will be removed after 7 days. Please don’t store important videos and move them to other folders.

File Explorer window

📥 Download Monosnap
✉️ Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us:
💡 Suggest and upvote for your favorite features here.

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