Seeing a field of colourful lupins, lost

in its chromatic degradation intelligence

I am reminded of the perfect colours, patterns, shapes,

function and interfunction congruence

of underground minerals, wild flowers and bird songs,

of aurora borealis and bioluminescent sea waves.

Of the over and under, ground or water Paradise

that everybody wants to place somewhere else,

while believing that what they see

can only have been designed by a God

appreciating beauty’s diversity

only when it is not their own.

I am reminded of seahorses, shooting stars and pink lakes

rainbow mountains, tropical fruits and glowworm caves

millennial baobabs, polka-dot…

A Decolonial Approach for Life Beyond Neoliberalism

Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

It has already been a while. In the third stage of the pandemic and past the peak of it, new routines and habits have settled in building a new normal. And physical health realm aside, in privileged Western European countries where mostly if you are not somehow ‘supported for now’ in your basic survival you are ‘forgiven for now’ bills wise, some people are considering this limbo as ‘The Great Pause’ — as long as you have enough to eat. A situation far from ideal, but still a pseudo-systemic breather while it lasts for some. A once in a lifetime…

Art as Counterspace

Design by Darius Devas
Design by Darius Devas
The Common Thread by Darius Devas

I sometimes get observations about the eclecticism of my endeavours. I am always surprised since the questioning couldn’t fall further away from them.

From the moment you choose to study human beings you are obliged to study their culture. And from the moment you study culture you are obliged to study its art. Culture is nothing but the way human beings express, in collective ever-threading motion, their identity. Art is the way that culture expresses itself, in search of meaning. Art is then the liminal space, the vessel for meaning searching, questioning and creation. The space where…

And the Liminal Revolution in-Between

Crossroads of Humanity by Doze Green

As soon as 2020’s pandemic hit the country I am living in at the moment, I wrote a piece about my political and philosophical reading of what that could positively mean. While in that piece I talk about systemic-derived facts — such as indoctrinated, trauma-bonded and propagated fear-driven behaviour and a few ideas on how to transgress it during the first stage of the pandemic — there are psychological aspects of this process which are not entirely polluted by the system we live in such as grief.

Again sinking in associative thought and what life experience teaches us, it is…

And Seven Transgressive Stances Towards an Emerging World

Illustration by Mutual Aid UK
Illustration by Mutual Aid UK
Illustration by Mutual Aid UK

Corona is a good global reminder about life’s impermanent nature. A collective lesson and exercise in creative thinking, interdependence and community as core values of our survival and existence.

It always takes nature to have the last word in levelling us equally. Taking the shape of an anthropogenic natural disaster or just manifesting as what it is, it feels like it’s sending little wisdom whispers, its last warnings in waves while we are in shock having to broaden our micro-located thought, trying to accommodate the fact that we have forgotten what we are made of. …

Cristina Morales

Decolonial Cultural Activist ◯ | Curator, Writer & Artist |

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