“In fact, companies with high design maturity see cost savings, revenue gains, and brand and market position improvements as a result of their design efforts.” — InVision

Design, as the intention of the form, was first practised by craftsmen, making tools which shape and material were detrimental to the function. Later, when technology/practices advanced, styling became actualized communicating identity and status and promoting the agenda for aesthetics, further improving the function. Slowly the styling of tools became more and more democratized catalyzed by the industrialization which figured as a breaking point. …

In the decades before and after World War 2, Danish architecture experienced a radical change, combining the national Danish with features found in traditional Japanese houses. The simple, functional decor of these appealed to Danish architects, affecting among others the countless modernistic single-family houses. Distancing from the bourgeois decor, Danish furniture architects focused more on Japanese inspired principles with a love for natural materials, a common similarity between Danish and Japanese applied arts, where wood as an example is one of both countries most abundant resources. Straw mats and ricepaper lamps came in fashion. …

The Casio A168–1YES series is a classic digital “retro-watch” in metal-finish; a model based on the original F91W-1 model which came out in 1991. Despite its cheap price (relative to other objects of the same type — watches) the watch comes with a certain social status or message, and a history behind it.

I will in this object-analysis examine the Casio A168–1YES from the first 14 questions from Birds “40 questions to ask an object” which focuses on the objects form and function.

The model Casio A168–1YES

The watch case measures 38,6 x 36,3 x 9,6 cm and weighs around 51 gr. It appears…

Morten Thorn

Design culture and Economics student sharing academic progress through hopefully improving design analysis’ and other random writing endeavours.

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