Jr. Developers #5: How to Improve Code Without Anyone Hating You

Improve Code and Make Everyone Hate You

Milo was the newest Jr. Developer at 🍐 Pear, Inc. The hottest new social networking startup.

Two weeks into Milo’s new job at Pear, he started to become worried. The code was nothing like he expected. It was terrible, hard to read and missing tests.

Instead of working on his assigned tasks, Milo spent his days rewriting the Pear code the Right Way™. Milo was so busy with his rewriting that he skipped all the team lunches and didn’t make it to a single company happy hour. “I don’t have time to go to those” he’d say. “I have real work to do.”

Milo knew that he had to recruit other Pear developers to help him in improving the code. So he signed up to present at the Pear Engineering lunch and learn. He compiled all his findings into a fancy PowerPoint presentation.

Milo got up in front of his engineering teammates and whipped through over a hundred slides with code examples of everything that they had been doing wrong and how they could fix it.

“Wait, who is this guy?” a senior developer in the back whispered. “Oh, this is Milo, new Jr. dev. You know that one who sits in the corner, never comes to lunch?” another senior developer replied.

The result of the presentation is about what you’d expect. Some of the developers were offended by Milo’s claims. And the others were busy chatting or playing with their phones.

In the following weeks Milo became more and more frustrated. Even after his presentation none of the other developers adopted any of his techniques. He couldn’t understand why they weren’t open to change.

Let’s Learn How Not to be a Milo

“Our test coverage is such a disaster! I don’t know how we’ll ever get ourselves out of this mess. We must start fixing this immediately or the whole site will go down and the world might just end. I’m adding a tool that measures the code coverage of every pull request!”

Hey team, our code coverage is currently at 45%. It’s a pretty good start and saves us from a lot of bugs. We should work on improving it even further. I found a tool that shows us our code coverage in every pull request, should we try it out?

Now, Let’s Review

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