An overview of what we’ve been through in a year.

One of our most fun projects has just been released! Totemori is available now on Steam for free. We are proud of our first desktop game and if you are interested in the process and learnings of making and releasing a game as an independent studio, an in-depth review is on the way! If you follow us on Medium, you won’t miss it.

But first, let’s see what else have we achieved since we decided to put more focus on our own ideas and be more persistent in executing them. As you might remember, in the beginning of the year…

Initial learnings and the concept of Mito Studio

This is the second part in our series of Starting an In-House Incubator. If you found this article first, you may want to start with Part 1.

Try, Fail, Learn, Try Again

When we started to polish our idea to make an in-house incubator, we tried a few ways to do it.

First we went for brewing good ideas by picking a few great minds with good creative attitudes and hacker skills. We asked them not to work on their own but organize workshops where the open-minded and curious ones from the company can join to nurture some crazy ideas to life. …

How did we launch Mito Studio?

In a nutshell: with loads of questions.

The longer answer: when the founders conceived Mito, they envisioned a company developing its own products, taking care of its own advertising and becoming an agency in its own right by making the most of the available top quality grey matter. We took quite a detour through almost a decade and we would like to share our story and all the learnings along the way.

Mito started out as a small company based in Budapest, Hungary in 2007 as the child of three entrepreneurs with a vision to create a company to develop…

Müller Tamás

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