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Most often we try to master the concepts we learn by building an application that will cover most of the scenarios required to build a real-world application and to showcase it in our profile.

E-commerce is one domain that we can relate to easily as we have used many e-commerce applications and have an overview of how it works.

Also, I feel building an e-commerce application is kind of exciting as we are surrounded by online selling these days.

But the problem for frontend developers is to explore building e-commerce they need APIs to make it look like a real app if the not complete real application. …

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Recently I took professional scrum master training and after two days I realized that the challenge is not learning Agile but to unlearn my understanding of agile. In a series of articles, I will be sharing my unlearning experience to learn agile the right way. In this article let me share my experience in unlearning Sprint planning and Velocity to learn it the right way


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How many of you remember the Historic test match between India vs Australia which happened in the year 2003 in Adelaide.

Australia had scored a mammoth 556 runs in the first innings and at one stage scorecard of India was 85 with four wickets down but India went on to win the test match and created a History. …

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Why test-driven development or unit testing?

  1. Test-driven development helps you reduce bugs as we predefine the test cases
  2. It helps you in code maintainability. Say a new developer comes and changes the code without having the product knowledge. Our test cases will fail which would help the new developer know where he went wrong
  3. Additional to above point these test cases can act as documentation and help the new developer understand the code better
  4. Test-driven development is adopted by agile software developers as it helps you with quick releases by using Continuers integration & Continues deployment (CI/CD)

In this article, let’s build a simple sign up service with Node using TTD. I will be using the same initial set up which I had earlier used in one of my articles to set up NodeJS using Kubernetes. If you are interested, please check out the article here. GitHub link for initial set up with express and typescript can be found here. (Please ignore Docker and Kubernetes set up if you are not familiar with it as we won't be using it here).


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