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I have dropped new video on YouTube about Flutter State management using Redux.

Please check it out and let me know your feedback.

If you like it pls consider to share it with all your development network.


For more please comment your idea.

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As we know as Javascript developer or React Developer specifically, we rely on redux for state management,I know there are a lot of other options but redux still the most popular one between them.

And that makes developers go creative about creating more comfortable, esaiable and maintainable projects, one of them is redux-toolkit.

Redux-toolkit makes it easy to create store, configure it with middlewares and connect actions to reducers without a lot of typing and files everywhere.

(Note: if you’re not familiar with redux, I suggest to take look at it otherwise this will be Chinese for you). …

Studying with coffee
Studying with coffee
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I’m so amused to tell you that the course

“Learn Deno: the complete guide” is live.

You could check it now on Udemy platform

The course for everyone Beginner or intermediate developers.

In this course you’ll learn Deno for zero to hero.

Check it right and don’t forget to share it will be appreciated.


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