Becoming a master facilitator — Udacity’s Design Sprint Foundations Day 1

Sprint Day 1 / Itinerary

#1 Conduct Expert Interviews

The infamous “How Might We” post its for the expert’s worries.

  1. HMW expand product awareness
  2. HMW decrease cost per unit
  3. HMW expand operation density
  4. HMW make scooters safer

#2 Write long term 2 year goal

Write a long term goal in 1 sentence. This goal assumes that everything goes according to plan and there are no hiccups.

#3 Clarify 3 sprint questions

Outline the main challenges or blockers for the long term goal. If you are in a team, vote like you did with HMW’s.

  1. Can we become the default name for transportation?
  2. Can we be more convenient than public transport?
  3. Can we increase safety so Ooup is safer than public transport?

#4 Draw Map of user journey

A user journey showes the entire system of your product (or the specific journey you want to focus on).

#5 Present lightning demos

This is a short presentation from you spending 10min looking for inspiration from existing products.

  1. HotelTonight app — easy interface for engaging with multiple options in app
  2. Blue Apron — easy display of multiple components within specific plan options
  3. Google Play reviews—Condensed info to determine quality of an app (parts: app reviews, rating, # of other people downloaded this app)

#6 Four Part Sketching

getting you from a blank page to a concept you’re proud of pushing. Does NOT need to be shown to any other colleagues.


Make sure you do this at home and not in a coffee shop.



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