Udacity Design Sprint Day 4 — FINALE!

My User Test format:

  1. Review company — Ooup is an online scooter rental company
  2. Review long term goal of the company — In 2 years, Ooup will be the go to scooter rental name more convenient than public transport
  3. Review sprint questions — 1) Can we become the default name for transportation? 2) Can we be more convenient than public transport? 3) Can we increase safety so Ooup is safer than public transport?
  4. Check out the storyboard, specifically key screens selected by the team
  5. Check out the prototype

Outcomes of the User Test:

  1. Top Trends — Unclear how Ooup is safer than public transport. Unclear if Ooup is best for commuters (most efficient) or international travel.
  2. Long Term Goal Reflection
  3. Sprint Questions + Answers
  4. 3 Recommended Next Steps

My process for virtual user tests:

  1. Find user tester
  2. Send a calendar invite for mutual time with google hangouts attached
  3. 5min before meeting— download/have accessible Storyboard and Prototype (I combined both into 1 pdf to be easier)
  4. Intro yourself, Udacity’s Design Sprint course, and your goal (to achieve feedback on Day 3’s prototype)
  5. Switch the camera’s focus from your face to the laptop screen where you the digital Storyboard/Prototype opened already
  6. Write the feedback and reactions of your user tester by noting slide number and interesting comments

My 4 user testers! (looking very candid)

Cincinnati + Vancouver
Seattle + Miami
Storyboard cell 1
Storyboard cell 2
Storyboard cell 3
Storyboard cell 4
Storyboard cell 5
Storyboard cell 6

Prototype Feedback!

View 1

Prototype View 1

View 2

Prototype View 2


  • Include more information on Ooup’s safety record
View 3

Prototype View 3

View 4

Prototype View 4

  • Show radius marker
View 5

Prototype View 5

  • Make this page/option pop up automatically when within 0.2miles of scooter rack. This means map application would have to run in the background
View 6

Prototype View 6

  • Mixed results…some liked more info, some felt it was too much
View 7

Prototype View 7

View 8

Prototype View 8

View 9

Prototype View 9

  • Efficiency theme of ‘faster than public transit’ is conflicted with ‘Roamin’ around’ traveling vibe
View 10

Prototype View 10

  • Include disclaimer page about unlimited rentals
  • Include incentive view to return scooters to nearby rack
View 11

Prototype View 11

View 12

Prototype View 12

  • Make page specific to user’s local city
  • Transition from past view is not clear
View 13

Prototype View 13

  • Change sidebar option “History” to “My Trips”
  • Add “Account” option for payment
  • Visible, easy support # is a hit

Wrap Up


  • ideate “HMW” challenges and 2 year goal
  • map a user journey
  • create roadmap for addressing challenges and building on customer delight factors
  • draw a storyboard, build a high-fidelity prototype
  • 4 user tests!

Things I liked


Going Forward




Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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Tech founder @ EMO (Easy Mobile Onboarding). Product Teacher @GA. Co-founder @WomenWhoCodeNYC.

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