Udacity Design Sprint Foundations Day 3

3 min readJan 31, 2018

Continuation of Day 2. Leggo hustlers! Fun for all continues.

Outline of the Day:

  1. The Huddle 10–15min — decide as a team who will be doing what tasks for the day
  2. Work Session 3 hours — Individuals work on delegated tasks
  3. Check In #1 with Team + Lunch 1 hour — team comes together to share progress
  4. Work Session #2 3–4 hours — Final pieces of the prototype come together
  5. Check In #2 with Team 30min — Run through Prototype. Revisit sprint questions and goals
  6. Mapping Up 30min — Check off all boxes of the prototype. Set up user testing room, final run through prototype!

Prototype Types:

  1. Digital Interface
  2. Physical Product
  3. Sales/marketing strategy


  1. Keynote from Apple
  2. Flinto
  3. Figma
  4. Marvel

Tasks for delegation:

Team will choose 2–3 key scenes they want to start focusing on. Then divvy up your team into:

The Collectors: People who bring the images, templates, copy writing

The Artist(s): The ones who create the final screens

The Stitcher: The one who brings the prototype to life puts together prototype/makes it interactive

4 Ways to Save Time:

  1. Digital wireframe for storyboard
  2. Choose 1 font
  3. Choose existing color scheme
  4. Stick with key screens!

My write out of each screen:

Now for the Prototype!

I spent 3–6hours working on these screens in Keynote. This part was really fun! I included the grader’s feedback.

Onto Day 4 User tests!




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