At SaaS and other b2b tech companies, hiring BDRs to send more and more emails seems to be all the rage, and now there are tools that let those BDRs send thousands of “personalized” emails automatically each day.

The Prospecting Armageddon is Coming

With the rise of all the automated cold email prospecting tools, there…

Adapted from a blog post “Why Quarterly Businesses are Doomed” — read original full version.

Biologists study fruit flies because their 30 day lifespan means you can study multiple generations quickly.

While building HubSpot, we ran the business monthly, not quarterly. Marketing goals were monthly. Sales goals and commissions were monthly. We produced financial and other reports monthly. And most importantly we made changes to marketing, sales and the product roadmap monthly.

If you run your business quarterly, you can make changes 4 times a year. If you run it monthly you can make changes 12 times a year and evolve 3 times faster.

Photo by André Karwath aka Aka — Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5

After doing marketing for 15+ years and eventually being CMO of a team of 100+ marketers, I think I know something about marketing. In my current role as board member, advisor and investor, I often talk to companies about their marketing. We brainstorm ideas, review metrics, and put plans in…

We’re in the middle of some big changes in corporate culture and work environment. There is a movement at companies toward more internal transparency of information and autonomy of work. If you do it right, you can unlock some amazing performance from your team or company.

Transparency of information: When…

Mike Volpe

CEO at Board member at Validity. Investor / advisor at 25+ startups. Former founding team / CMO at HubSpot, CMO at Cybereason.

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