Accordingly to the Netskope, the remote work in the first eight weeks of 2020 has increased gradually, leading to a 60% increase by 20th March 2020 and continuing to grow.

With the COVID-19 rapidly impacting the world, the interest towards the remote working has taken a swift turn. Everywhere across the globe, companies are forced to close the doors to their co-located offices and offer employees remote work.

It has not been easy for people to adapt to a new way of working, but even harder for leaders to figure out how to support their teams to stay productive in these times.

For the organizations that have their rituals built around the assumption that all employees are located in the office — moving to the all-remote work suddenly and without…

As a Lead Designer you can be representing the design direction in your organisation during the product milestone planning meetings. Together with other Product Managers, responsible for different parts of the product, you are expected to give advise on the topics to take place in the upcoming product release.

You and your team are repetitively executing user research studies, so you are well aware about the weak points in your product. Your main goal — to make sure that the voice of User eXperience is being brought up to the table.

Product Managers are often raising great points, however they…

It’s January. Time to leave loud family gatherings with long dinner tables, take down Christmas decorations, set up the alarm back to early mornings and begin the new working year. This period of letting go the “freedom” and long sleep can often feel a little sad, and we need to put an extra effort in order to make sure we are back to giving IT ALL to work again.

How to start-up our productivity engines and tune ourselves for endless creativity and problem solving? …

It’s not a secret anymore that every organisation that produces ANY type of PRODUCT or provides ANY type of SERVICE needs to have digital presence in order to battle the competition and gain customer’s attention.

Since 2011, companies started to understand the importance of software as a part of successful business. This caused UX designers being in a shocking demand, and let’s be honest — the market is still growing. UX design has quickly become one of the most attractive and well paid segments in the interactive industry.

Accordingly to Adobe’s studies conducted in 2017 — 87% percent of managers…

Welcome back for part two! If you’ve not read part one about how to get UX and Development teams in sync - you can find it here.

In the first part of the story, we’ve talked about two main points that will have a big influence when organisation is trying to take a design driven approach to the software development process:

  1. Allocation of User eXperience Team in the organisation
  2. UX and Dev work alignment

Let’s talk about the second point now:

UX and Dev work alignment

I like to compare User eXperience to the icebreaker ship. Just like icebreaker that smashes the ice in order…

Let’s pause for a second and try to imagine, that your Scrum team is transformed into a team of home builders:

  • Product Owner is now a home requestor
  • Scrum master is the construction lead
  • UX designer is the design architect
  • Development team is a team of structural engineers & builders

Your team’s goal is to build a new home for a client, who knows exactly what he wants: a two-and-a-half floor house with many windows. He loves flowers all over his place and they need light. Also, he wants a big terrace to be able to enjoy the fresh air.

Nadia Udalova

Product Design Manager @GitLab. Design Leader & User Experience Strategist. |

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