How to change the splash screen for Adobe Photoshop on Mac

This is a follow-up to my previous tutorial:
How to change the splash screen for Adobe Illustrator on Mac

Coworkers are going to be jealous!

Changing the splash screen in Adobe Photoshop on Mac isn’t quite simple, but is certainly worth it. Unlike Illustrator, Photoshop stores its splash screen files in a package file that cannot be edited directly. The following article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to uncompress this package file, modify it and then recompile it.

Step 1: Download Wineskin

Step 2: Download PSCCIcon

Step 3: Create the wrapper app

Open Wineskin.

  1. Click on the + icon to install a new engine. Install the latest.
  2. Once that is done click on the button Update to install the wrapper.
  3. Now click on the Create New Blank Wrapper button and type a name for the app and click Ok.
  4. Once it is done select Show Wrapper in Finder and move the .app file to your desktop.

Step 4: Copy PSCCIcon to the wrapper

  1. Extract the file. You'll get a PSCCIcon folder with some files in it.
  2. Now open the app you’ve just moved to the desktop and click on the Install Softwarebutton.
  3. Click on Move a Folder Inside and select the PSCCIcon folder and click Select
  4. On the Choose Executable window select Program Files/PSCCIcon/init.bat

Step 5: Configuring the wrapper app

Click on Advance check the box Use Start.exe.

Step 6: Copy IconResources.idx, PSIconsHighRes.dat and PSIconsLowRes.dat to your Desktop

Go to your app folder and right-click the Adobe Photoshop CC executable and select “Show Package Contents”.

Then, navigate to Contents/Resources and copy these files to your Desktop:

  • IconResources.idx
  • PSIconsHighRes.dat
  • PSIconsLowRes.dat

Step 7: Extract the files from the package

With all the appropriate files on your Desktop, open your wrapper, press “e” and then “enter”.

This will extract all of Photoshop’s assets in a “Work” folder.

Step 8: Replace the Splash1080Background_s0.png files in both folders

This is where your creativity comes in. Replace both “Splash1080Background_s0.png” files in both the “Low” and “High” folders with your desired splash screen. Use these resolutions for best results:

High — Splash1080Background_s0.png: 1640x1000 px
Low — Splash1080Background_s0.png:
820x500 px

Step 9: Bundle up kids!

Last step; re-open your wrapper and press the “p” key and then hit “enter”. This will bundle all your files in new packages:

  • IconResources.idx
  • PSIconsHighRes.dat
  • PSIconsLowRes.dat

You can then replace the original packages with your new ones in the Adobe Photoshop CC folder.

Thanks for reading!

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