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One day, I might stop harping on how important protein is for ALL aspects of mental and physical health. But since I’m writing this article for you now, we can correctly assume that day hasn’t come yet.

It will, though! Just as soon as folks figure out HOW to get in this magical macronutrient.

Let’s refer back to the previous article, wherein we figured out how to eyeball a functional 30+- gram serving size of lean protein. (As opposed to a commercial serving size, which is usually tiny. …

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This is the hardest part of the nutritional consultation:

“Zir/Sir/Ma’am, if we’re going to get you started on regenerating your body and improving your mental health, you have to get in at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.”

And that’s when their eyes get super, super wide.

I can empathize. Especially since I tend to work with creative individuals —the Upper West Side is a veritable and non-appropriating Mecca for generations of writers, dancers, musicians, and artists — the idea of “protein = bodyweight” can lead to all sorts of knee-jerked images.

Par exemple, if those words caused you to suddenly imagine a human body made of chicken breasts, then that’s exactly why you should keep reading this article. …

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With all the home exercise options out there, it can be a little overwhelming. YouTube, Instagram, ZOOM classes… But what if you just want to do your own thing?

For the past few months, I started us off with the Train Like A WLF podcasts to familiarize you with — from the breath to the burn — how home workouts should really work.

But now we need to get into specifics, because otherwise, one of us is going to run into educated tangents. (Spoiler: it’s probably me.)

I want you to stock your home fitness locker with useful mental gear. And if I started you off with the breath, then I can’t not start you off here with Exposing Yoga Myths. …

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