NBT & CODE University Embark on a Project Partnership

Working Alliance of Pioneering Teams Sparks New Tech Projects

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3 min readDec 14, 2018


December 13, 2018: Berlin, Germany

Europe’s IoT and blockchain tech company builder, Next Big Thing AG, is delighted to announce the kick-off a Project Partnership with CODE University of Applied Sciences, a new university whose bachelor programs are aimed at the central aspects of digital product development.

What is the nature of this partnership?

As part of this Project Partnership, CODE’s digital pioneer students will have the opportunity to learn from NBT’s tech team of engineers, developers and our CTO. CODE students will get supervised, hands-on access to NBT’s lab to experiment with real solutions in hardware and software for new use cases which connect IoT and blockchain technology.

In exchange, CODE students will contribute fresh ideas and innovative questions to our company builder, potentially shaping NBT activities and entrepreneurial growth.

CODE University of Applied Sciences sits directly next to Next Big Thing AG at Factory Berlin, GP

NBT and CODE share a keen interest in respectively challenging the status quo in the way tech ventures are built, and in tech education. As our CTO Jasmin Skenderi says:

“Investing in the future is the best way to form it. Collaborating with CODE students offers an opportunity to positively influence the European tech ecosystem. In exchange for sharing NBT expertise and IoT lab access, we’ll benefit from valuable student input, welcoming future talented developers, product experts, and founders.”

-Jasmin, Skenderi, CTO of NBT

Using the NBT lab, ventures shape in-house technical solutions closely with our engineers and developers.

How did this relationship come about?

Both Berlin-based organizations share the 4th floor of the Factory Berlin’s Görlitzer Park location, where shared kitchen and hallways spark serendipitous interactions. People from CODE and NBT have mingled at Factory and NBT events, like the launch of Hardware Massive, and gotten to know one another’s mission and vision.

CODE students have also visited NBT as part of Projects and Partner’s day this fall, where they toured the lab and heard from CTO Jasmin Skenderi about his vision and principles.

Visit CODE’s site to learn more about why this Project Partnership makes sense.

CTO Jasmin Skenderi gives CODE students a tour of the Next Big Thing AG offices & lab in Berlin.

What are the next steps?

On the 17th of January, NBT will participate in CODE’s Barcamp on campus to discuss ideas with CODE students, alongside CODE’s other esteemed partners. Following that, interested team leads will have a consultation with NBT’s CTO and engineers to identify potential projects at the interface of blockchain and IoT. Stay tuned for more outcomes and results.

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About NBT

Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is Europe’s premier startup incubator for the Internet of Things and Services (IoT/IoS) and Blockchain. As a company builder and operational VC, NBT acts at the nexus of a continually growing ecosystem of corporates, founders, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and politicians. With our know-how in IoT, we are the touchpoint for innovation in Europe — enabling companies to realize disruptive innovation with exceptional speed.

About CODE

CODE is a private university of applied sciences dedicated to educate the digital pioneers of the future. Offering 3 B.A. programs of “Software Engineering”, “Interaction Design” and “Product Management”, CODE focuses on interdisciplinary digital product development by offering a team- and project-based learning concept. CODE creates an inspiring environment where students learn, driven by their curiosity and eagerness to grow.

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