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As a designer, we’re often tasked with deliverables that can be tough to complete. External forces such as client requirements and timelines can often increase difficulty. With proper management, we can ensure there’s enough time to complete our tasks. I use Evernote to create to-do lists for work and different aspects of my life. This routine helps me stay accountable, organized, and creates a sense of purpose for each day.

Photo credit goes to Erin Conger

Epicurrence, the brainchild of Dann Petty, is the combination of “Epic” and “Occurrence.” The un-conference is a gathering of industry leaders, creative masterminds, and most importantly, regular people. The goal was to spend time with one another and share experiences to help provide inspiration and build bonds.

Within a couple of weeks of being in California, I found myself in possession of an invite to Epicurrence — The Montues. Prior, I had only day-dreamed about going to these events. I remember sitting at my desk back in Michigan when Dann Petty uploaded the first post for second event and saying…

What do you want to be when you grow up? I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately. Your whole life, you’ve been pushed to live a certain way. You need to go to college to be successful, you should be married by 25, have kids before 30. In life, everything happens for a reason, but it’s your choice to dictate that.

Farewell dinner before the California sendoff

I’ve been living in Michigan for 24 years and would’ve never thought to leave behind family, friends and the comfort of home. After having the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally, I’ve had a change of perspective…

Vu Nguyen

Midwest soul living the California dream.

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