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Perhaps it’s easiest to start by saying what it isn’t. It’s not simply another name for the Internet of Things (IOT) — though there are aspects of IOT that embody Ambient Computing.

Nor is it a revolution. Rather, it is guided evolution — making conscious choices about the direction in…

With the release of the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, Apple once again positions the iPad Pro as a viable primary computer and alternative to a laptop or desktop. The Magic Keyboard includes a built-in trackpad to take advantage of full trackpad support that iPadOS 13.3 now offers.


Started to read this book by Taschen today and finished the first chapter which covers the early years of the web from 1990–1997.

It gives examples of early sites (Amazon, eBay and Yahoo sure have been around a while) and tech that moved design ahead such as FutureSplash and Flash.

Curation also played a significant role in discovery pre search engines, social and network effects.

What strikes me so far is how individual each of our early online journeys were, for those of us who have been online since the mid-90s.

Even though there were very few sites, due to the high fragmentation and inability to go viral, discovery was weird and each of us who got online early took very different paths (especially outside the US).…

A (Hopefully) Brief History

My family business, among other things, owns and operates a chain of department stores which, when I was growing up, had a photography department — they no longer do, as the brands we worked with, Yashica and Contax, were among the casualties of the film to digital transition.

Being around…

Photokina 2018 Graphic

I attended Photokina, among the largest photography equipment fairs in the world, earlier this week in Cologne. Here are some thoughts about why we might still buy and use cameras when phones are where the future lies.

It’s late 2018 and if you’re going to spend money on a camera…

Jon Hamm & Lois Smith in Michael Almereyda’s sublime film Marjorie Prime

Living in NYC again means being able to take full advantage of films that get even the most limited of limited releases (such as Marjorie Prime), while also seeing the biggest films (such as Blade Runner 2049) before they open nationwide. …

For most of my life, I’ve been an avid reader of fiction — in fact, as a child and young teen, I grew up wanting to be a writer.

In the past few years, my interests led me toward nonfiction, with a specific emphasis on books that explored the impact…


NY Times Review

A tight, fascinating play that extrapolates from actual historical events, such as the “theft” of Albert Einstein’s brain by the pathologist Thomas Harvey (Morgan Spector) for purposes of scientific study, and uses these to riff on the nature of memory, loss, identity, sexuality, secrets and relationships…


The Guardian

Interview with Bertrand Tavernier

A prescient sci-fi film set in near future where medicine has all but eradicated death caused by disease. Roddy (Harvey Keitel), a photojournalist, has a camera implanted into his eyes so that whatever he sees can be transmitted to the NTV studios…

This was the year I stopped reading film reviews, which I usually didn’t do before seeing a film — rather, I’d watch the film first and then compare my views with those of a few critics whose views I appreciated (whether they were consistent with or challenged my own).


Narain Jashanmal

Director of Social Commerce @ Facebook Reality Labs. Former filmmaker. AI. VR. Cinema. Concrete. Photography. Nexus of where digital & physical intersect.

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