This article is an pretty much a paper that I originally wrote for a class in college and felt that I would like to spruce up and publish. For my paper I chose to examine Going to Meet the Man by Jame Baldwin and the themes within the short story; how black masculinity is perceived by white supremacists can help us understand the ideology behind those who fear, or hate, “the other.”

As a transwoman I can understand being feared and hated by some people in general and in particular white supremacists. …

Attacking capitalists, not capitalism, is one of the hallmarks of leftists today, a complete failure of seeing the bigger picture and of seeing the wider issues facing the modern world.

The slogan “eat the rich” is a favorite among the left, but the anger contained within it is misplaced. There are indeed numerous truly despicable members of the capitalist class; their money funneled into projects and businesses have negatively affected most people in the world. But the issue at hand is not necessarily the individual people, it’s the programmed reason for why they would do such horrible things. I doubt that a good number of the capitalist class would be as willing to do the things they do without the profit motive. Too often blame is put on the individual, the responsibility for fixing climate change is placed on each person. Recycle, buy organic, go vegan, limit your carbon footprint, etc. The same goes for the capitalist class, “it’s not the corporation that is bad, it’s who is running it.” But, again, it misses the point. The fault is not necessarily the individual, it’s the system that produced the individual. Many ignore that capitalism doesn’t just shape those are exploited, it shapes everyone. When the alienation of the proletariat from their work is talked about it is forgotten that, in a sense, capitalists are completely alienated from “their” labor as they do no such labor. …


Nora Cook

Wanna be writer focusing on leftist topics and how the modern left-wing can improve.

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