Bombshell | Delegate 200ATOM on Nutbox to get extra APR 30% staking reward!

4 min readMay 17, 2022

A few days ago, Nutbox has cross-chain supported Cosmos, and any Nutbox ecological community can start the delegate ATOM mint its community tokens. The first three communities to start this function are Walnut, Peanut, and WhereIN.

Nutbox also created the first validator node noogra.nuts on the Cosmos chain. As of now, the node has 78 delegators participating in staking ATOM, with a total stake number of 1,572.58 ATOM

Operator Address: cosmosvaloper13hule0xx8gvzjrgstqjct0kwygfh7kd03dr93f

Additional ATOM Rewards

We have seen the active participation and support of community members and realized the great potential of the Nutbox ecosystem. In order to further promote the acceleration of Nutbox node noogra.nuts to become a valid node, we are hereby introducing some important rewards:

From May.20th 2022 until noogra.nuts becomes a valid Cosmos node, all the delegators of the Walnut, Peanut and New Wherein community on Nutbox Walnut (the delegate ATOM is greater than 200) can:

  • not only get the corresponding NUT, PNUT, and WIN by block,
  • but also get additional ATOM staking rewards from Nutbox (based on APR30%, issued every 24h)!

At present, the APR of ATOM mining on Nutbox is as high as 300%, plus the extra subsidized ATOM staking rewards, this will be Nutbox’s Biggest Bonus Event of the year!

All ATOM that are delegated through Nutbox Walnut are directly staked on the Cosmos chain by Keplr wallet in a decentralized manner without any centralized part.

The sooner you participate, the higher the rate of return. Come and represent your ATOM!

Bonus Event

Post your successful delegation and mining screenshots, share them on Twitter and @NutboxDao, we will draw 10 users before May.31st and reward them with 500 NUT each!

Delegate Tutorials

To help you participate in delegate ATOM mining on Nutbox, here we provide you with two tutorials:

№1 Delegate ATOM for the first time and participate in ATOM mining

№2 Re-stake the ATOM delegated on other nodes to the noogra.nuts node and participate in ATOM mining

  • Enter:, you can see the node information you are currently staking at the top
  • Select the original node that needs to be switched, such as MultiChain ventures here, click [Manage]
  • Click the triangle button next to Undelegate and select [Redelegate] in the pop-up box
  • Find [noogra.nuts] in the Select validator list and click
  • Fill in the amount of ATOM to be transferred in the input box, click [Redelegate]
  • Sign in Keplr
  • At this point, your delegation has been successfully transferred to the noogra.nuts node, but please continue with the following operations, otherwise the rewards will not be distributed successfully
  • Go to the Walnut official website, go to the pool (NUT/PNUT/WIN…) you want to mine rewards, such as NUT, and click the [Add Delegation] button
  • Enter the amount of additional delegation, click [Confirm], and click [Approve] in the signature box. After the signature is completed, wait for a while (sometimes it takes a few minutes), and you can see that the delegated ATOM has started mining NUT .

Once again, the Additional ATOM Rewards will start from May.20th. Stay tuned and prepare your ATOM!

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