New Update! Matchmaking fixed!
Oct 2 · 2 min read

Hi guys!!

Today we are glad to present you a small, but very important update.

In this update we introduced new race mode that will eliminate matchmaking issues. This mode replaces regular races until the new gameplay is released. We talked about the new gameplay in the previous post (

It is so-called “asynchronous races”, where you won’t need to wait for your opponents — now you can race against the bot! Other players’ cats participate in the race, but this time they are controlled by the bot. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your cat — we just take their appearance and stats for a race.

Moreover, we added flexible bets: now you can change the bet before the race — the range is from 1 NyanBuck to 100 NyanBucks!

Please note, that the Leaderboard rewards have changed:
- 1 place — bet х2 и 5 LB points
- 2 place — bet х1.5 и 4 LB points
- 3 place — bet х1 и 3 LB points
- 4 place—lose the bet, 2 LB points
- 5 place — lose the bet, 1 LB point

By the way, speaking about Leaderboards! Today we launched new Leaderboard with huge Waves prize fund! This LB is meant for 30 players and here are the prizes:
- 1 place — 50 Waves
- 2 place — 25 Waves
- 3 place — 10 Waves
- 4–30 places— 5 Waves

And to the most important news — pre-sale is over. As we promised, 50% is no longer actual. Now you can buy a cat with only 25% discount. Follow the news, stay tuned and good luck!

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