Masari Update #8

This update announces the SECOR fork date & new PoW, launches the Collaboration Corner, highlights the new funding system, and covers recent media with upcoming appearances.


On December 8th an announcement was posted in Masari’s Discord & Telegram.

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Discussion post announcement covered a wide range of topics, including: what the cause of the massive hash rate spike is, what potential solutions are, what staying the course looks like, and similar commentary. The product of over three weeks of methodical discussion and two separate votes is below:

Barring any setbacks, on January 11, 2019 Masari will fork to include SECOR (Uncle Mining) + Bulletproofs, & move to the next generation of CN-Fast for its proof of work algorithm.

CN-Fast v2 moves CN-Fast from CNv7 to CNv8, and continues with halving iterations. Open source mining binaries will be provided on the Masari GitHub sometime before the fork date; as will preparations for pool owners and exchanges. Users of GUI and CLI wallets will want to update their daemon to ensure they are on the right chain post fork. Announcements will continue to made across all social media channels as releases come.

The Fat Keccak PoW will be further researched as a long-term latency bound solution. Rather than rush to deploy a medium term PoW based off similar approaches like Wild Keccak, a short term switch to CN-Fast v2 will help mitigate any potential network threats while providing more leeway to fully test Fat Keccak. SECOR is independent of the PoW algorithm used and will have no issues meshing with Fat Keccak.

Collaboration Corner

As mentioned in Update #7, the Core Team aims to reduce centralization over the Masari project’s leadership. We believe that decentralization is a goal not only for the computational network but also in stewardship of the project.

For the past few months, a design that uses non-hierarchal structuring as a foundation for participation has been worked on. The design segments relevant areas of project need, and issues a simple framework for those groups to operate within. This design has turned into the Collaboration Corner, and it is now ready to be opened up.

There are two documents that accompany the program’s launch. They can be viewed and downloaded at or GitHub.

If you would like to talk more about the Collaboration Corner or are interested in an initial endorsement, you’re welcome to join Discord where there is a dedicated channel. The Collaboration Corner hosts an open invitation for anyone who has wanted to contribute to a legitimate & innovative cryptocurrency project.

Blockfolio Signals

In November Thaer and Nick from the Masari Core Team held a video conference call with Blockfolio Founder and CEO Ed Moncada. The topic was their reasoning behind selecting Masari for the Signals beta (one of the first 200 coins in the program), Blockfolio’s future relationship with Masari, and how we can leverage Blockfolio as a trusted means of communication. The call was a lot of fun and we had very some very interesting conversations.

The Core Team is very excited to take part in the Signals program and partner up with Blockfolio to communicate directly to Masarians. You can receive Masari signals by tracking MSR in your portfolio or simply by watching them in app.

Given the privacy focused nature of our community, we took the opportunity to ask Ed directly about the language in their T&Cs and also how they earn income. Ed was very clear that no Blockfolio user data is ever sold. He stated that the language in the T&C covers a future development that they’re working on and was put in place early. Financially, they have received ample rounds of funding from patient investors on top of being early crypto adopters/innovators themselves. Hopefully this can clear up some misconception about using the Blockfolio app and Masarians can have more confidence in using it.

Funding System

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The Masari Funding System recently launched at The funding system allows anyone to submit a MSR based proposal that provides value to the Masari project and community. In less than three weeks, two proposals have been submitted and fully funded!

The steps to creating a proposal are:

1. Create an account on the funding system website.
2. Submit a carefully written, grammatically correct proposal following the preloaded flow chart in the proposal area. Read through the fine details of the submission guidelines you see when you click add proposal.
3. Pay attention to the comments in your proposal as the community will ask questions/opine. As the submitter, you should be prepared to support your proposal.
4. If enough support exists, or there are no dissenting comments, the proposal will be moved into funding status.

The funding system should play an integral role in facilitating new endeavors and projects that arise from the community & Collaboration Corner.

Recent Media

Interview with Crypto MoonsooN:

Podcast with Coach Cryptos:

Masari interview with Lord Catoshi:

A podcast with Talking Cryptocurrency was recorded in November but the show is now on an apparent, indefinite hiatus. Masari might be the first coin to get exit scammed by a podcast…another MSR first.


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Masari will be represented at the largest, and most distinguished cryptocurrency conference in the Rocky Mountain region. The time frame of ETH Denver is February 15–17, 2019.

With two members of the Masari Core Team present, and a large collection of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Denver, it poses a great opportunity to host Masari’s first meetup. The meetup would be casual with some general information about Masari, and likely take place at a Denver brewery. As the Collaboration Corner starts to fill with participants the hope is all will work together to organize and promote this event.

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^ satire courtesy of Chum

Discord: 2320 members (+128 from update #7)

Twitter: 1654 followers (+217)

Reddit: 1198 subs (+60)

Telegram: 765 members (lost members due to bot/spam account cleanout)

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Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, and fungible cryptocurrency which uses the RingCT protocol

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