Bootcamp So Far So Good

It’s Tuesday morning and the weather is all nice and lovely in Lagos, Nigeria and it’s day two of Andela BootCamp XXVI. Am Ogbemudia Rex an Andela Bootcamper and am writing this post to share with you guys my experience at Bootcamp so far. So far so good my experience at Bootcamp has been awesome and nice.

Welcome To Bootcamp

Bootcamp started by 9:00 am and we were all welcomed to Bootcamp XXVI by Phillip and Victoria, after the welcome speech, other general information were passed and we were introduced to our LFAs(Learning Facilitator Assistant). After settling down, my LFA checked my challenge one which is an HTML/CSS template for the Bootcamp project am working on. After checking my work, he gave me feedback which I incorporated into the project.

Learning Outcomes And Daily Outputs

Each day at Bootcamp we are expected to cover some topic which is given to us and we are to produce an expected output in order to show that we really covered the topic given. Monday’s expected output was to write a function called aritGeo, the function takes in an array of numbers and checks if the array is either a geometric or an arithmetic progression and write a blog post about my most recent challenging learning experience.
You can check my aritGeo function and my blog post on the following links.

So Far So Good

Bootcamp has been nice so far and am happy for this life changing opportunity. Meeting other programmers and tech enthusiast is more like a dream come true for me. Love it here at Andela and I want to stay.