I can’t protest with my body like some folks, but there are so many other forms of activism.

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Photo by Socialist Appeal via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

I am a fat, Black, Queer woman from the South.

The global events of 2020 have impacted me heavily, and I know I’m not alone; George Floyd’s killing in May rocked marginalized and empathetic communities in a loud, global way. Despite systemic racism’s inescapable impact on the Black community, this instance of police brutality — alongside the spring and summer murders of Breonna Taylor and several others — sparked sustained worldwide protests. Massive numbers of civil actions have taken place, in every major US city and some smaller ones (including Richmond, VA, my very own capital of the Confederacy). …

How much of the unfulfilling sex that’s had with cis het men is caused by lack of effort, and how much is bred by societal standards that lead to communication issues? How many fake orgasms have been performed out of fear?

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I recently read an article that listed the “types” of orgasm a woman can have. My partner and I stared wide-eyed when reading through this list, confused at how someone would publish an article stating that further research is needed to decipher what causes a “nipple orgasm.”

Apparently, it couldn’t possibly be because it simply feels good.

This article was written for a health-focused online publication, and my initial reaction was to be shocked. …

Taneasha White

She/Her. Writer, Editor, Communications Catalyst. Black, Queer, Americano (with an extra shot) Addict. @oheytaneasha on Instagram and @oheytaneasha_ on Twitter.

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