OVP Program Review: Exciting Benefits and Innovative Earning Methods

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In the past six months, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth on Discord. Our user base has significantly expanded, with an increase of over 6,000 accounts, now exceeding 7,500 verified members. Furthermore, we boast over 7,000 OVP holders within the Ola community, having already distributed over 20,000 OVPs (Check your ranking here: Google form or Sepolia testnet).

We now have 300 Ola OGs, along with nearly 20 Ola knights and ambassadors. To build a strong community for Ola in the future, we’re intensifying efforts to increase the number of OVP holders and aiming to expand our ambassador network to approximately 100 by the end of the year!

🔭 OVP Program

The OVP Program (Ola-vm point program) was established in February 2023 with the aim of fostering a community of individuals interested in creating high-quality and valuable content, both technical and non-technical for Ola. It is a community loyalty program designed to incentivize and reward our dedicated community members. Earning OVP signifies your active participation and contribution to the Ola community, and the more you contribute, the more OVP you will receive.

We are transferring OVP on the Sepolia network, and we will conduct audits and transfer OVP once a week. Our aim is to recognize and highlight the incredible contributions made by Ola community members!

🤩 How Does OVP Impact My Benefits?

OVP holders represent multiple meanings: you may be an active participant in community tasks, such as completing tasks on platforms like Zealy; you may be a contributor to community management, such as becoming an Ola Ambassador or Ola Knight; or you may be a builder of Ola projects, such as proposing and resolving bugs. Here are the 4 primary benefits:

1. Become Ola OG

OVP holders have an important opportunity to participate directly in the community building of the Ola ecosystem. We’re offering OVP holders a unique way to participate in the growth and development of Ola: if you’re in the top 300 OVP holders, you can become an Ola OG and join our exclusive Discord channel. This opportunity will allow you to discuss and influence the direction of the Ola ecosystem with other Ola OGs, participate in decision-making processes, share professional insights, and contribute wisdom and energy to the development of the community.

2. Partner Project Whitelist

  • Having a higher number of OVP will increase your chances of winning whitelist draws in the future, where each qualified OVP address will count as one entry into the draw.
  • Each wallet has the potential to win up to 3 whitelist spots (the final decision is subject to partner requirements).

3. Ola Gift Box 🎁

By the end of every season, a process will be conducted to draw the winners of the box based on OVP rank, while OVP will also determine the tier of the boxes you might get.

  • Ranks 1 to 10: Exclusive Ola rewards (e.g., Ola T-shirt, canvas bag, Ola socks, conference tickets, USDT rewards, NFT Airdrop…)
  • Ranks 11 to 20: USDT rewards and NFT Airdrop
  • Ranks 21 to 300: NFT Airdrop
  • Ranks beyond 300: The higher your OVP holdings, the greater your chances of winning

The top 10 addresses each hold nearly 90 or more OVPs, reflecting significant participation and support for Ola. We’re set to distribute exclusive Ola gift boxes to the top 10 OVP holders and Ola NFT Airdrop for the top 300!

🥇 Current Rankings:
1st Place: 241 OVP
10th Place: 86 OVP
50th Place: 58 OVP
100th Place: 43 OVP
200th Place: 15 OVP
300th Place: 10 OVP

Please note that the snapshot time will be taken on September 30th. If you aim to win an exclusive Ola gift, make sure you’re within the top 300! Check your ranking in this Google form or on the Sepolia testnet.

4. Other benefits

Ola event invitation: participate in the local ambassador activities and receive a full set of Ola merchandise gift packs!

🤔 How Can I Earn OVP?

The opportunity to earn OVP can be achieved in several ways. This covers areas such as content creation, community building, technical contributions, as well as subsequent feedback from testing and competitions for various events. Whether you’re a general user, a developer, or a professional product manager, you can actively participate. Here are the specific ways to get involved:

1. Regular Ola Tasks

Ola mainly publishes OVP tasks on Zealy and the amount of OVP you can earn is specified after each task (Please ensure that your Zealy account is linked to your wallet address).

There are three types of tasks:

1) Grow with Ola

We have set up tasks at various levels: Newcomer, Beginner, Expert, Specialist… Upon completion of each task, you will be awarded the appropriate role to display in the Discord community.

The Newcomer tasks are designed to help you learn about OVP, the concept, how to earn, and how to view your personal OVP count. When you have completed these tasks, you will earn 5 OVP and be promoted to Beginner, where you will be primarily responsible for contributing to the design of Ola. After completing the Beginner tasks, you’ll earn 15 OVP and move to the Expert level, which requires you to understand Ola well enough to translate Ola-related articles into your local language and disseminate them. After completing the Expert tasks, you’ll earn 30 OVP and reach the Specialist level , which requires you to independently create an article about Ola and organize an online or offline event for more than 50 people. Completing this stage earns you 50 OVP…

We plan to add more OVP tasks over time. This also means that the sooner you get involved in building our community, the better your chances of earning these roles.

2) Spread about Ola

In the “Spread about Ola” task, you will play an important role in helping to widely spread high-quality content about Ola. Your efforts will cover a number of areas, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Ola Whitepaper Spread: You will help spread Ola’s whitepaper to a wider audience to help them gain insight into the technology, vision, and potential of the Ola platform.
  2. Ola 101 Video Series Sharing: You can share the Ola 101 video series, which explains the basic concepts, features, and uses of Ola in an easy-to-understand way that will help attract more people to learn about and participate in Ola.
  3. Ola Official Accounts Follow: By following Ola’s official global accounts, you’ll be the first to get important updates, events, and news about Ola, so you can become more involved in the community.
  4. Sharing knowledge and insights: By sharing Ola-related articles, analyses, or comments, you can provide valuable insights to the community and foster meaningful discussions about Ola.
  5. Social Media Outreach: You can share information about Ola on social media platforms to expand Ola’s visibility and attract more people to our community.

3) Quiz about Ola

In the “Quiz about Ola” task, you will gain insight into Ola’s technical architecture, principles, and applications by completing carefully designed knowledge quizzes. By actively participating in these quizzes, you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of Ola’s technology and add to your knowledge base in the zk-zkvm space!

2. Ola Ambassador Only

Becoming an Ola Ambassador grants you valuable OVP rewards each month. Ambassadors, who are individuals actively contributing to the project, form a community of members who grow alongside Ola. Being an Ola Ambassador not only offers significant rewards but also provides the opportunity to engage with fellow active community members, enhancing your influence and prominence within the Ola community. Together, we collaborate to further advance the Ola ecosystem, and dedicated ambassadors will see their efforts rewarded. Apply here🙋

3. Ola OG Only

Ola OGs will be given priority access to OVP rewards as a reward for your long-term support and active participation. We’ll award special benefit points within the Ola OG channel to recognize your outstanding contributions to the Ola community.


1. What should I do with the OVP I have earned?

At Ola, we value and appreciate the contributions of every community member. Please open a ticket in the #📮|get-ticket channel and provide us with your EVM address. Our Ola Knights will collect all the provided addresses and distribute the corresponding points.

2. Can I use OVP for buying and selling?

No. You can not buy or sell at this stage.

3. What distinguishes OVP from other projects in terms of its features?

OVP is distinct due to its community-driven approach and the OVP incentive. We place great importance on the contributions made by our community members.

4. What’s the difference between OVP holders, Ola OG, Ola Knight, and Ola Ambassador?

  • OVP holder: Anyone who successfully participates in Ola tasks can become an OVP holder. OVP holders will receive a series of benefits from the Ola community.
  • Ola OG: OVP holders within the top 300 rankings. Ola OG will take an important role in community governance. (please note that rankings are dynamic, hence OG role is also dynamic)
  • Ola Ambassador: Individuals actively contributing to the project, form a community of members who grow alongside Ola. Apply here🙋
  • Ola Knight: Admin of the Ola community.

5. Do OVP owners possess the right to vote on events occurring within Ola?

Initially, we’re extending this opportunity to the top 300 OVP holders (AKA Ola OGs) to engage in the growth and advancement of Ola, including activities such as voting, rule-making, and the introduction of new incentives.

Once again, we’re grateful that you’ve opted to be part of the Ola community. We will be rolling out more rich and varied OVP earning mechanisms and will ensure that they are fair and rewarding in order to enrich your engagement experience in the Ola community!


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