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The Adobe 99U conference tries to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. This project evaluates the existing conference website with different UX tools, identifies usabilities problems, and propose a solution.

My Role

I led the complete process from research to the Hi-Fi wireframes of the website. This process included understanding where 99U conference comes from, researching about the target audience, how the platform works and organizes the content, testing the wireframes, and designing the final product. This project was developed in five days.



The questions in the Survey were the following:

  • What’s the most important thing for you at a conference? …

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Siemens Mobility is making changes to the office’s infrastructure, re-organizing them in a way that employees can bring their children with them, creating a harmonious space where children can be entertained in their parent’s workspace.

The new offices will include furniture, toys, and other amenities for the children. One of the projects they had in mind to include was an app, where the children can learn more about where their parents work and what the company does.

This was the Ironhack Berlin UX/UI Bootcamp Final Project for Siemens Mobility. …

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A pain that Netflix users have these days is getting lost searching on “My List.” They complain about taking too long to select a movie there. Here we will propose a solution.

At Ironhack’s UX/UI program, we had a new challenge every week. One of them was to create a feature for an existing app. In my case, Netflix was the chosen one.

This was a solo project, so I led the complete process from Research to Hi-Fi Wireframes. From understanding how the existent Netflix platform works and organizes the content, testing, and refining the user’s paths to a more straightforward way to decide what to watch; up to the iteration of prototypes. …


Paolat De la Cruz

Caribbean UX / UI designer with branding and editorial design background working in Europe —

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