Biometrics biweekly vol. 21, 13th September — 27th September


  • Stronger presentation attack detection for face biometrics has been unveiled by Apple, while the long-awaited launch of under-display Touch ID is still two years away, according to a pair of new reports. Also, Apple granted a new facial recognition patent
  • Apple is collaborating with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Biogen on new biometric capabilities for iPhones aimed at detecting depression and signs of cognitive decline via expression recognition and behavioral biometrics
  • Researchers at Israeli ​​Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have found a way to thwart facial recognition cameras…

Energy & green technology biweekly vol.8, 11th September — 25th September


  • A new transparency-friendly solar cell design could marry high efficiencies with 30-year estimated lifetimes, new research has shown. It may pave the way for windows that also provide solar power.
  • Researchers have imaged the atoms at the surface of the light-absorbing layer in a new type of next-generation solar cells, made from a crystal material called metal-halide perovskite. Their findings have solved a long-standing mystery in the field of solar power technology, showing how power-boosting and stability-enhancing chlorine is incorporated into the perovskite material.
  • Plastic pollution clogs river systems…

Quantum news biweekly vol.12, 10th September — 24th September


  • New research tools are needed to fully develop quantum computers and advance the field. Now researchers have developed and tested a theoretical tool for analyzing large superconducting circuits. These circuits use superconducting quantum bits, the smallest units of a quantum computer, to store information. Circuit size is important since protection from detrimental noise tends to come at the cost of increased circuit complexity. Currently, there are few tools that tackle the modeling of large circuits.
  • A University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) researcher is part of a collaboration that has…

Biweekly update on the Polkadot ecosystem vol. 20, 9th September — 23rd September


  • Calamari has won Kusama’s seventh parachain auction. Beyond that, Calamari will be implementing MariPay as its first product.
  • After winning the 8th parachain auction, Basilisk is now being onboarded as Kusama’s 9th parachain [8-auction winning parachains, plus Statemine]. Roughly 12,000 network stakeholders locked up KSM in favor. The Composable Finance and HydraDX teams have partnered in a joint venture to build out Angular Finance, an isolated lending pair protocol built on Substrate.
  • After the first day of the current parachain auction, Altair is in the lead with…

Nanotechnology & nanomaterials biweekly vol.7, 8th September — 22nd September


  • Researchers have found a way to make ultrathin surface coatings robust enough to survive scratches and dings. The new material, developed by merging thin-film and self-healing technologies, has an almost endless list of potential applications, including self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-fogging, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling and enhanced heat exchange coatings, researchers said.
  • Nanoscientists have designed new metasurfaces using nanoscale techniques inspired by kirigami that could offer a new chip-based way to achieve nanoscale control of light, which could lead to better optical displays, information encoding and digital light processing.
  • Researchers have made a tiny…

Space biweekly vol.35, 8th September — 22d September


  • Until now, theoretical models assumed that three elements of the Milky Way’s composition were homogeneously mixed and reached a level of chemical enrichment similar to the Sun’s atmosphere, called the Solar metallicity. A team of astronomers demonstrates that these gases are not mixed as much as previously thought, which has a strong impact on the current understanding of the evolution of galaxies. As a result, simulations of the Milky Way’s evolution will have to be modified.
  • Star-forming galaxies are responsible for creating gamma-rays that until now had not been associated with a…

Robotics biweekly vol.37, 7th September — 21st September


  • Researchers have developed electrically-driven soft valves to control hydraulic soft actuators. These valves could be used in assistive and therapeutic devices, bio-inspired soft robots, soft grippers, surgical robots, and more.
  • When stretched or deformed, shape memory polymers return to their original shapes after heat or light is applied. These materials show great promise for soft robotics, smart biomedical devices and deployable space structures, but until now they haven’t been able to store enough energy. …

Biweekly update on the Cosmos ecosystem vol. 55, 6th September — 20th September

Astronauts, the last two weeks have been extremely fruitful for the Cosmos ecosystem, and we can’t wait to share some of the most exciting news with you!

The DEX ecosystem within Cosmos is growing quickly. There’s now access to new and promising tokens, higher liquidity for smooth trading and price stability, permissionless token listings, opportunities for generating higher ROI by participating in liquidity pools, and a lot more. …

Vol. 77, 6th September — 20th September


  • BIS signals central banks to start work on CBDCs
  • Biden Administration plans cryptocurrency sanctions to combat ransomware. The President announces picks to fill CFTC vacancies. Furthermore, a crypto lobbying group warns of another tax provision in the Senate infrastructure bill. US Treasury turns its gaze to stablecoin issuers
  • SEC has issued a Wells notice against Coinbase. Besides, Gensler says most crypto trading platforms need to register with SEC. Furthermore, US officials add insider trading claims to Binance investigation
  • Texas takes steps to amend Bitcoin into the state constitution. …

Biweekly update vol. 6, 5th September — 19th September


Greetings, crypto community! It’s time for our detailed recap of all things Humanode! The last two weeks were part of a wild ride full of hard work and worthy contributions — so let’s have a short overview of the thrilling news that has appeared lately.

First and foremost, we are glad to announce that last week the Humanode team introduced that the first-ever Humanode testnet which is going live in the upcoming month. Furthermore, they give you an opportunity to apply for it! The participants will be able to go through…


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