Rama, Krishna And Christ (2)

Rama, Krishna And Christ

Rama happened 7,000 years ago. Most details in the Ramayana are corroborated through archeology and astronomy. The sky has a unique configuration every night. And references to the sky in the Ramayana tell us Rama happened 7,000 years ago. The bridge he built between India and Sri Lanka stayed intact for thousands of years. It was built when the sea level was tens of feet less than what it is today.

Astronomical references in the Mahabharata point to Krishna's time on earth to have been 5,000 years ago.

There are the books just like with the Bible. There are miracles. But those miracles are not a stretch to the mind if you believe in God and realize that "with God all things are possible."

Rama slayed Ravana, the most learned Vedic scholar of his time. Jesus' primary clash was with the priestly class. The hereditary Brahmins are the number one spiritual problem in India today. There are 100 million Ravanas in India. They are not even proper Ravanas. They don't much know the Vedas. They perform rituals for a fee and that is 99% of Hinduism today.

A few centuries after Jesus there was a tremendous momentum in Christianity to renounce what was seen as the worldly life. Krishna had vociferously argued against that 5,500 years before that. He taught, you are to live a full life, but in full detachment, always remaining conscious of God. That doctrine of full detachment is the same as the anti idolatry teachings in the Bible. To get enamored with worldly possessions and material wealth is idolatry, the Bible teaches. But Indians are big time into idolatry today. They are supremely attached to statues they make with their own hands.

Spiritual corruption is a recurring theme. The Old Testament is full of stories where the Jews keep walking away from God to worship false gods. They also worshipped calves like Indians worship cows.

The Yadavs of India today consider themselves to be direct descendants of Krishna and they do not fit into the caste system. But the hereditary Bramhins have obviously not heeded Krishna's obvious disagreement with the caste structure.

Rama was about family. You could be king or living out in the jungle hand to mouth, but husband and wife were to be true to each other, "in sickness as in health." Rama taught how to be a good son, a good husband and a good ruler, by example. As a king, he put his people before his family. Krishna taught full immersion in life, with full detachment, always remaining conscious of God.

But Rama and Krishna are Indian names. Jesus was a Jewish name. These were not and are not names in Heaven. These are culture specific names.

Rama was born Rama. When he came back, he was born as Krishna. He did not come down from the clouds as Rama. Jesus coming back is supposed to be like Rama and Krishna, two distinct names and earthly identities born into two different eras with two different sets of messages.

Krishna delivered a clear message of full detachment, which is an anti idolatry message, but Indians today are into idolatry like it was nobody's business. Krishna's disapproval of the caste system is also completely ignored. Rama taught how to be a good ruler, but India beats every country on the corruption charts.

Indians claim to believe in God, but there is pretty much a ban on Jesus in India. There is no religious freedom.

The Indian Aristotles and Platos have massacred the very concept of the soul. The human soul is taught to be like drops of water.

Understanding free will is hard. God has gone out of His way to respect free will. Understanding cultural diversity is also hard, apparently. God has also gone out of his way to respect cultural diversity as something natural and good.

Hinduism is like the Bible and the Roman/Greek/Egyptian polytheism/idolatry and Aristotle/Plato and Harry Potter all put into one melting pot and mixed hard, not to mention Lucifer and his gang and the corrupt Jewish priests and Homer and Dante, perhaps also with a sprinkling of Tolstoy. You can't tell where religion ends and philosophy begins, and somewhere in there is a God, but He is hard to find. Hinduism is at least five different religions. It is not obvious if Hinduism is a geography or a religion.

And so, it appears, Indians need Jesus more than any other group of people on earth. Unless you can learn your soul is unique in the history and future of time, it does not really matter if there is a God and there is a Heaven.

Scholars need to look at all religions and all religious texts and all religious beliefs and practices and cut through the smoke to glean the one true Living God.

The world is poor because India is poor. And the number one reason India is poor is because it leads the world in spiritual corruption. There is the caste system which is like declaring war upon God. And there is a total ban on Jesus when there is no other way to get your soul into proper alignment.

India is in Lucifer's total grip. There is tremendous spiritual confusion and corruption. Lucifer's style is to hide and deceive and mislead. Lucifer's style is to sow doubt and confusion.

There is but one God, there always has been but one God, the one true Living God, that God always has been just one prayer away for everyone, everywhere. Cut through the Hereditary Bramhinism "red tape" and come straight to God. Otherwise India stays Third World for another 50 years, a land of abject, indescribable poverty.

According to the Bible Jesus is the Son of God, begotten, not made, God to God, light to light, before there was Heaven or earth. Jesus was born without a mother before Heaven. The Holy Father spoke the world into existence but He did it through Jesus, but of course that was not his name before his earthly incarnation.

In the Hindu belief system Vishnu is the Holy Father, and Bramha emerges out of Vishnu's navel. Begotten, not made, very God of very God. The Hindus talk of a superconsciousness that sounds awful like The Holy Spirit of the Bible.

If you merge the two, if that is possible, then The Holy Father has made two trips to earth already, as Rama and Krishna. And there is no way Indians can refuse to embrace Jesus. And just like Rama did not come back as Rama, Jesus was never meant to come back as the same Jesus that walked the earth 2,000 years ago. Which means Christians ought to learn family from Rama and full immersion, full detachment, 24/7 God consciousness from Krishna and 1.2 billion Indians all need to accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. The mind is cyclical, the soul is linear.

The Hare Rama Hare Krishna people might have gotten rid of Harry Potter, Aristotle, Plato etc and rescued Rama and Krishna from the mumbo jumbo, the massively complex train wreck that is the Hindu belief system in its totality. 
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