Before the rise of (broadband) Internet, when people were being asked about “What is advertising?” most people would think of how traditional media work such as—print ads, commercials, or billboards, in which for decades, it’d used to be just another name for marketing.

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❝ In the Mad Men era, we added marketing last. Marketing and advertising were the same thing, and the job was to promote what was made.

— Seth Godin (2012)

In retrospect, advertising still has the same purpose—to make our clients famous by all means creative as respectfully as using a necessary evil, i.e., …

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The market for mobile e-commerce will be growing at exponential rate as evidently as the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the total worldwidesales of tablet PCs will easily surpass the sales of desktop” units as to include notebooks by 2014, in which it had already happened in the United States due to the dominant sales figures of a popular product such as iPad being sold by Apple, Inc.

By ignoring the emerging growth of mobile users with e-commerce, typical brick-and-mortar retailers may, therefore, soon be facing an unexpected challenge to stay competitive in this emerging economy that is vastly driven by the advance in new technologies. …


Patrick Baek

❝ I thrive on creativity & organized lifestyle into exploring #BigData science; learning to <code>; l♥ving all things #Marketing❞

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