How to Teach Without a Classroom

Four Components for Online Classes:

  1. Am I in good standing? — Schedule-Driven Grading
  2. Where do we gather? — Asynchronous Public Chat
  3. What is expected of me? — Prep Work, Portfolios, and Feedback
  4. Who is my community? — Online Gathering

Am I in good standing?

Where do we gather?

Use Chat

My inability to EVEN when instructors ignore chat

Use chat!

Use chat!!!

Use chat you shameful Luddite!

Do you usually teach by mail? The mind recoils! USE CHAT!

What is expected of me?

Prep work


  1. No busy work — Portfolio work should never be thrown away. Students ought to walk out of my class with a creative product they can proudly show off.
  2. Revision is required — Nothing great is done on a first draft. Feedback is pointless if not used. Substantial assignments should be revised at least once.
  1. Turn in “first draft.”
  2. “Feedback on first draft.”
  3. Final camera ready version.

Here are a few example portfolio pieces from my students:


Who is my community?

Final Touches




An educational Watson

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Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson

An educational Watson

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