2017. Done. Dusted. Bring it…

NYE is the day that I traditionally write a short summary of the year that’s just passed.

I like doing it. So here is 2017.

I spent a lot of time in the USA for work. It was hard being away, but exciting to do it. There were four trips in all, spending over 7 weeks away pinging between DC and NYC with trips to LA and SF as well. I love NYC — especially the Lower East Side, where there is a bar where the barman recognises me.

A big USA moment was Stand For Rights. I’ve probably gone on about it too much already. But fuck it, it was amazing. Nick Allen, Fiona Pattison, Ali Walker Davies & James Dawe were my comrades and we had the most incredible experience together. I knew FP was amazing before I went; that trip made me realise how fucking amazing Ali & James are.

I have the most vivid memory of the four of us in a cab to Newark airport to go home and me playing this KVB song on the cab stereo from my mobile phone as the sun was setting in front of us on the NJ Turnpike. Utter perfection.

The other stand out work thing was the One Love Manchester concert. We helped with the fundraising which was amazing. But the energy and love in the stadium will live with me for a long time.

Oh so grateful for Inkie! She makes me laugh every day and is cute AF. She is an Instagram sensation.

Trump. There was a Anti Trump demo in London after he announced the Muslim Ban — we sang ‘he can’t build a wall, his hands are too small’.

And we went on the London Women’s March.

I had some amazing adventures with Mrs DG.

We went to Minsk. You should all go to Minsk. It is strange and wonderful. Like me & Mrs DG.

We continued our Berlin obsession. Once for my birthday and once later in the year for a work trip.

And Polignano a Mare. Was. Amazing. Polpo. Sun. A daily Negroni. And most importantly time away from everything with KDG.

Paris for the day was lush.

Napoli. A few days in Napoli on our own before travelling round the bay to see the rest of the DG posse. We love Napoli and loved hanging out with relatives in the city.

And of course the coast path. We likes it down there.

Music. Back With A Banger. Obvs. De La Soul at the beginning of the year was sick. As well as a completely bonkers Tricky gig in December. I have this Spotify playlist that changes through the year. It includes all the noises in my head.

And right at the end of the year, Prague with KDG and the parents. The weekend when our nephew Otis arrived and I had taken mum out of the country…

As I get older I get more determined to do something useful. I wrote a note to myself on a plane back from the USA which I need to stick to. And I started a newsletter for all the things that inspire me to be useful, if you’re into, it sign up.

2018 is gonna be a big one. Good luck.





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