Happiness — A state of creating everything

Happiness is all about how content & satisfied you’re at this moment

It would be more apt to say happiness is a state of bliss wherein we no longer desire to run behind things which could lead us nowhere. Today we have forgotten our goal and have started running behind every other object we find appealing. This leads to the awaited stress & hypertension — the two greatest weapons I find to kill our inner soul. Happiness doesn’t mean a smile outside on our face, but a smile put on mind is what actually this word denotes. Pretending to be happy outside and lost amidst the fear of losing something doesn’t make you a happy person. A happy person is not only happy for one thing he achieves, but is happy in all his verses.

Why happiness?

Why everybody around us is behind this little word?

Why everybody is running the race of achieving more?

What has provoked us?

What do we ultimately desire of?

To every question asked above lies one & only one answer: Happiness. We just desire to be happy.

I would like to put on a conversation that took place between a saint and a layman

S — What do you do to earn a living?

L — I work at a XYZ company

S- Why do you work for 12 hours? Isn’t it stressed?

L- Yeah! It is stressed but i get paid

S- What do you aim at from 5 years now?

L- To get a promotion and increase in my salary

S- What will you do once you have a great account balance?

L- Would spend on rejoicing moments me & my family planned

S- What will you attain at the end?

L- A smile on my little daughter’s face would make me happy after all

S- Aren’t you happy right now?

L- Yeah! I’m but not that much I would be then

S- When your ultimate goal is to be happier then, than you’re today, Why to run behind these worldly things? Make your mind happy once and look at the world then. You’ll find happiness lies within yourselves and not outside.

The saint had clear ideas of what happiness truly stands for. It’s the mind which is needed to be trained. And it’s us, who are responsible for getting it trained. Mind should always travel on the path of serenity and then only a person will be happy in all his senses. Who desires to be sad and lost in sorrows? Everybody claims to be the happiest on earth. This is to be kept in mind that we don’t forget that we all are running the same race of finding happiness by one or the other ways. So every action of ours should be judged upon how much happiness we’re creating for ourselves, for our near & dear ones. We must strive hard to get our happiness indexes higher and then only we can title ourselves as RICH. Money can buy everything but never happiness. Every day, every hour, every minute we must run the race in a better way for becoming more happier than we were a minute, an hour or a day ago.

We must get a habit of questioning ourselves every moment. We must pause and ask our inner soul-

Why are we running?

What will we achieve at the end?

Will this step lead to my ultimate goal of becoming happier? Or I’ll be stressed?

What am I searching for?

We’ll get hundreds of answers. But when we dig into each answer deeply, we end up finding happiness at the core. Even on digging more we would get to know what we desire of is not only happiness but contentment. We desire to reach a state of complete bliss & serenity.

Look at a child. He is happy in all his senses. No evil thoughts, no fears and yes a crystal clear mind. He’s happy with his surroundings, with his choices. He has nothing to regret about and that’s where a child leads. The feeling of fear, feeling of loosing things, fear of getting less than the other person, feeling of jealousy has lead us to become more hypocrites than we actually were.

“Human beings have entered in a never finishing race of wanting more than required.” And this greed leads us to the world of floating enemies, stress, hypertension & diseases. It’s only our choices in the past that governs this moment. Like every atom has two parts: Positive (nucleus) & Negative (remaining part), we also have two choices either the correct way or the incorrect way (which seems to be more appealing). It’s all on us, what we choose, what we desire to be, what expectations we carry just revolve around the paths we choose to walk on. So choose Happiness. Choose to be happy at every point. Try to dig out the positive in every incident you become a part of on this planet. Use your circumstances wisely to attain happiness. And yes never keep happiness just to yourself; spread it across the whole humanity, after all -

“Happiness is not a thing to keep, but an experience of bliss to live with.”

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