How to Increase Your Self-Awareness

You can’t achieve your goals without self-awareness.

It’s the most important factor when it comes to getting anything done. What you do now and what you will do in the future all depends on your level of self-awareness.

It’s like having good times, health and success. The more, the better. Self-awareness is one thing that it’s OK to get greedy for.

But before we try to increase it, let’s first define what self-awareness is.

In short, self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of your own personality, feelings, emotions, motives, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

Self-awareness is the art of getting to know yourself. The more you learn about yourself, the more you will be self-aware.

The best part is, an increase in your self-awareness has a direct link to an increase in your happiness.

It’s much easier to stay happy when you know what makes you sad or upset. It will let you avoid certain people and situations which could trigger your feelings and emotions.

Now let’s go over a few ways to help you increase your self-awareness.

Start by writing down your priorities. Ask yourself the tough questions. Find out what you wish to achieve in your life and what your powerful purpose is.

By being aware of what you consider important, you can focus only what matters the most and stop wasting time on chasing shiny objects.

You can then take a personality test to learn more about your type. It’s true that not everyone exactly falls into a specific category, but it’s close enough to give it a try.

Also, don’t forget the importance of feedback from the people around you. Ask your friends and family to give you their honest opinion about you. Be selective about who you ask because only a few can do this.

But there’s one thing that tops all of these and that’s being alone by yourself and going deep inside. It’s also called meditation.

You don’t always have to sit down in a closed room to do this. You can also do it while walking, biking or hiking in nature.

The point here is to give yourself a chance to check on what you’ve achieved so far, your current state and where you’re going.

Self-awareness is not something you care about once and move on. It’s a constant process. Your life is changing all the time and your self-awareness needs to change with it too.

It’s also worth to keep in mind that it’s not always about your mind and your mental state. Your self-awareness can start by you becoming more aware of your immediate physical environment.

For example, it can help you realize your backpack on the train is annoying the person behind you. Or your loud music is bothering your neighbors.

Self-awareness helps you learn about your fears but also helps you realize what makes your heart sing.

Self-awareness can become a type of superpower you didn’t know you had. Once you realize its power, it can improve your life and ultimately increase your happiness.

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