#3 Run a Speed Test Of Your Website NOW With These Free Tools (5mins For SEO)

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Have you been neglecting to monitor & fix your website speed because there are so many things in the developers’ pipeline? Because your frontends just don’t have time for those small patching jobs that aren’t urgent bugs threatening to derail your business?

Semrush covered why website speed matters to Google ranking and your users’ experience. Note that mobile speed soon will be a Google ranking factor too so brush up your mobile friendliness!

If you want your website be found via Search and — actually — be used, take a couple of minutes to run a speedtest and schedule quick S/M sized tickets for your devs.

Which pages to cover?

  • Homepage
  • All main pages (e.g. Pricing page)
  • One page per type as they share same architecture, such as product category page and product view page (for ecommerce), a blog category and blog post page, etc.

Most common issues

Source: Semrush

Which tools to use?

These are a couple of handy tools to evaluate your speed and tell you what’s need fixing. Enter your URL and voila!

PageSpeed Insights



Google Developers also published best practices for increasing your web page speed: PageSpeed Insights Rules.

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