Edge-based device AI solutions

Client: Edgetensor

Apr 26 · 3 min read

Project: Website UX/UI designs

About Edgetensor

Edgetensor was founded by the core team members at Metaio who developed the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The company was acquired by Apple in 2015 and it is now known as Apple’s ARKit. Edgetensor provides Edge-based AI solutions for mobility smart content management and video security systems.

The Challenge

AI & data solutions are often complicated to explain clearly & visually. Previously, the colors that had been used in their web experience were loud leading to a higher and excessive eye stimulation. The challenge was to portray the website that is easier on the eye, making it visually appealing to read and absorb the content.

Our process


We spoke to the founders about the vision for the company and how they were visualizing this project. This allowed us to understand the route that was familiar to them in the Edge-based AI space. The product offering was unique and thus we decided to take an approach where the website is visually appealing and helps digest information in an easier fashion.


After reading multiple product guides, we narrowed our audience to specific industries that seek these products viz. automobiles, security, and creative content industries. This helped us relate to how this space within the industry would perceive the website.


Heavy information tires the mind easily. Keeping this thought in the mind, we took an approach with minimal illustrations to build an effective storyline. This would make the user concentrate on the essential pieces of information while finding relevance to each bit of information. Navigation had to be made easier enabling an improved user experience. We altered the colours of the original brand to something that is web-friendly and added micro animations that would be light and visually creative.


Our Designs



Responsive Designs

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