InstaLoan — Get a loan within 2 minutes!

Client: Fullerton India

Project: Android mobile application and microsite

About the company

Fullerton India is a leading NBFC in India. Fullerton India aims at driving financial inclusion across every segment by providing financial services to everyone across the country in various loan formats. Fullerton India is a client with CreditVidya and the designs were created during my tenure with the company.

The challenge

Fullerton India was looking expand into providing personal loans via an android application that would cater to every Tier 1 city in India. The challenge was to create an experience where the user would not have to input multiple data points to get a loan. The goal was to provide a seamless and creative approach towards the design which would let the user know that the loan could be attained within 2 minutes of entering the app.

Our process


Fullerton India was a traditional NBFC that provided loans via its offline mediums and website, however, they did not enter the space that provided loans through a mobile application. Fullerton mostly catered to their audience via offline mediums and the idea was to create a completely


With a large presence in the offline medium, Fullerton India wanted to expand its base by catering to the provision of loans via an Android application. The idea was to provide undertake a user-centric approach and provide loans faster than ever. A process was created that leveraged the Aadhaar stack in providing a loan within 2 minutes after the user enters 2 pieces of application details.


With the implementation of the logo to the mobile application, a user-centric approach was taken. The mission of the app was to provide a loan within 2 minutes from the entry point of the user. The name of the app “InstaLoan” represents — “Loan in an instant” with the inclusion of a symbol for thunder which depicts “speed”. The app shows off multiple illustrations making the app user-friendly. We decided on the typeface to be “Ubuntu” as it has a contemporary style and portrays itself as free and reliable just like the brand.

Designed logo

“IL” the short form for InstaLoan with the thunder symbol representing speed

Android app design

Microsite designs

Website Illustrations



Website responsive designs

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