How a Project Management App like PlanCentral can Ease Your Project Handling?

Project management is always important to keep your project and tasks organized and to provide transparency of every activity associated with it. It is necessary to get updated with all the details of your team’s progress so that you can plan accordingly and manage the workload.


Tracking all the tasks, setting deadlines and assigning priorities are much needed for effective management of your project. Thus, for managing your projects with convenience and increasing your efficiency, you can go for a project-planning app.

PlanCentral is team project management app for doing everything related to your project. Some of the features of PlanCentral that do wonders in project management are mentioned here –

1. Number of tasks:You can manage hundreds of tasks related to a project that will help to organize your business objectives and events.

2. Easy communication: Feature of chat within the app helps to communicate between team members. It will allow you to add more than one person to the same chat. You can see all the files added to the chat at once.

3. File organization:All project files get stored securely and automatically. In this app, you can create a folder for each of your plan and each of these folders will contain all the uploaded files.This app gives you access to use file storage to share and upload your project related documents.

4. Time tracking:Using this app, you can do time tracking. Time tracking feature allows team workers working on a project to assign some activity and add their time. You can check summary of time log of your entire project plan.

5. Integrate with slack:This app allows getting direct emails of updates with Slack channel. Hence, all team members can check the updates from PlanCentral in Slack also.

6. Multiple Time zones:In a project, there are so many team members working on the same project from different countries and having different time zones. This app does not create any confusion of time between the team members while they are working on the same project from different time zones. You will get updates of everything as per your time zone that you have set for your account.

7. Archived plans: When your project is completed, you can archive it by clicking on the “Archive this Plan” option.Moreover, if you want to do some changes on the same project, you can change the status from Archive to In Progress.

If you are looking for a good project planning app then PlanCentral would be right choice. You can download iOS or Android app to use PlanCentral on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

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