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The big country town just over two million people call home is now growing as the European gateway to Australia. But, bigger things are just around the corner.

I’m BACK and glad that since my last article, Qantas, the State Government and Perth Airport have come to an agreement to launch the first non-stop route into Europe, with Australia’s national airline linking Perth with London nearly two weeks ago last Saturday.

The passage is the last frontier for the country, now having non-stop air travel to all the inhabited continents on the globe.

The opportunities are apparently endless. Paris…

The dream is nearing reality for one of the most isolated cities in the world as the centre for future ultra long-haul passenger services to London. But, a commercial impasse could derail said plans.

Qantas is working closely with Perth Airport and the State Government to finalise plans for what will be one of the longest commercial flights in the world.

But, a negligible 30 million dollar bill to upgrade existing infrastructure, that is, the Qantas terminal on the other side of the consolidated airport precinct could spell the end of making Perth the centre of attention when travelling to…

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This year, I thought that I should also reflect on my personal experiences, rather than just capture my favourite photos of the year.

I did a collage of the cool aircraft movements of last year which is available here: If you didn’t realise, this was also my Facebook cover photo for the whole year.

As well as take some awesome aircraft movements of 2015, I experienced flight, learnt how to lead by example, and explored how my interactions with others are deep, meaningful and worthwhile — all of which built new relationships, and strengthened existing ones.

As I enter…

We all have our inner journalist. When news breaks, we want the quickest, easiest way to access it. Welcome onboard social media.

Social media. How far have you come. You have acted as family, and have parented my generation well.

I learnt from you, I wanted more from you. Together with my passion for all things in the sky, I found a hobby, a calling to provide voice.

It all started with #MH17.

The inevitable has happened.

I couldn’t sleep that night.

I needed to know what happened, I needed to satisfy my urge of news access.

It hit me…

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The fascination of flight began for me, at a young age. Since then, it has evolved to spotting, blogging and the ultimate goal of becoming a pilot and soaring into the sky.


For starters, the use of the hashtag, #avgeek or ‘aviation geek’ puts me in the conversation with other like-minded people who share the same interests when it comes to all things planes.

Our generation is one that has grown up and revolved around social media, not like our predecessors who referred to the hashtag as a ‘pound’ key and talked face-to-face.

Through the tech-savvy craze of our phones…

Time and time again, are calls for Australia’s fourth largest airport to get a curfew. Time and time again, I am driven up the wall due to the remarkable complaints some people have in regards to this.

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The Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, is quiet in comparison to other aircraft that operate at the airport.

Firstly, the great argument between Perth Airport and residents in regards to noise needs to stop — this has been going on for quite a while, with the same mistakes being made. This is a short (in comparison to others I've created) opinion piece as to what I feel about the prolonged issue currently.

Airport presence

The fact that the airport has been around for…

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With Perth Airport recently playing host to its 18th international airline, I take a look at why the Middle-East is a bustling transit hub for Perth travellers.

The Airlines

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IMAGE: Luke McConville

As the year draws to a close, I look back at the moments that defined aviation lovers in Perth.


With 2014 opening, we witnessed Qantas’ 2nd Antarctica sightseeing flight out of Perth on Australia Day overflying the city.

Passengers have been hit with, and will continue to be hit with an influx of more fuel efficient, ergonomic and sleek aircraft as the future of travel hits home.

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IMAGE: @mcconvilleluke

The Air New Zealand Boeing 787–9 pictured above is now the flagship aircraft flying for the airline with it operating daily services between Auckland and Perth, a trip taking up nearly 7 hours westbound but only 6 hours eastbound due to good tailwinds.

The Boeing 787–9 or ‘Dreamliner’ is the bigger brother of the original 787–8 both in size and range. With promises of a jet-lag free trip and more fuel-efficient…

Perth Airport — too early, or too late?

Travelling through the fourth largest airport in Australia was, and possibly still is hard for some travellers. But Perth Airport’s $500 million dollar redevelopment promises to wow your pants off — not literally, no.

Perth Airport is growing, and growing fast.

We had close to 14 million passengers travel through Perth Airport in the twelve months leading up to June this year. That’s 13 961 580 passengers to be exact. A growth of only 2.2% from the previous year.

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It’s Qantas madness out here.

Aviation experts believe the airport will reach 28.5 million passengers in the next twenty years.

Luke McConville

Pilot in training. Blogging about #aviation at Views are my own. Some could say I’m an #avgeek ✈

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