San Francisco to Sydney: centres of diversity… and blockchain!

What do San Francisco and Sydney have in common? Both are beautiful world cities that manage to combine thriving and diverse communities with a forward-thinking approach to new technology. Another thing they have in common? The Platio team was lucky enough to visit them both in the last two weeks!

The San Francisco Blockchain Week brought thousands to the hometown of our Chief Financial Officer Irina Berkon.

Already a centre of diversity, San Francisco welcomed blockchain companies from all over the world, along with investors and founders of various ages, members of business and technical teams, and a strong woman-executives presence.

Irina kicked off her participation in the SF Blockchain Week by attending an event put together by BlockChain by Women, an organization designed to promote women in blockchain. The discussion held at this event related to investors putting their money into people and companies that “look like them.” Therefore, the more women have a chance to invest, the more women-founders and executives will have success in raising money from people who “look like them.”

Our CFO: Irina Berkon

There was no shortage of cultural diversity either. Swell, the annual conference from Platio’s partner Ripple, showcased teams from many backgrounds, speaking different languages and having different outlooks on various blockchain topics. At Swell, Irina was able to meet banking professionals from Europe, Latin America and the US, and discuss blockchain’s progress in the banking industry.

Further welcome connections were made in San Francisco with some trailblazers from the technical world of blockchain. Irina, alongside Charles Voltron, Platio’s Chief Architect, discussed the future of EOS, stable coins and security issues, among many other topics, with some brilliant blockchain minds.


Irina and Mark in Sydney

When Irina arrived in Sydney for the Token Showtime event hosted by AusLovesCrypto she was delighted to discover that the Sydney blockchain community can easily stand up to the San Francisco one.

Together with Mark Jackson, Platio’s Chief Growth Officer, Irina met very impressive women founders, and blockchain industry investors and promoters from many cultural backgrounds and of all ages.

The Australian blockchain community impressed us with how hungry they are for progress, innovation and success,” says Irina.

Platio itself promotes diversity in gender, age and cultural backgrounds. As Vlad Bunin, Platio’s founder, says, “Between all of us, we speak over 10 languages (including various accents of English). We encourage diverse thinking and approaches to problem solving, and believe that diversity makes teams, companies and industries stronger. We are excited for the blockchain industry leading the way in this trend.

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