Aggressive Humanism

Of democracy’s inability to generate great human rights activists

1. The storm glass of revolution

Core mission of political action-based art: to save society

2. Europe’s nihilism in the 21st century

3. Of democracy’s inability to generate great human rights activists

Peter Bergson took out ads against the Holocaust in the New York Times
“Schuld — Die Barbarei Europas” (mikropsychia — European’s barbarism”: A Film of the Center for Political Beauty about the modern disease of outrageous selv-involvement)

4. A small sensation

5. The great schools for human rights

6. Aggressive Humanism

25.000 Euros reward against traders of weapons (art project of the Zentrum für Politische Schönheit at the Berlin Biennal): “The weapon company was puzzled.(…) This time, the surprise was too big, the campaign too radical, the approach too new.”

7. The priviledges of the unaffected

Given the priviledge of his US citizenship, Varian Fry organizes the battle against Hitler and helps thousands of intellectuals, artists and scientists to flee occupied Europe.

8. A humanistic Revolution?

A human rights activist as the leader of Greenpeace: “In the fight for human rights, people were always willing to go to jail or to risk their life.”

9. What is political beauty?

Detail of the Pillar of Shame (Center for Political Beauty, 2010) comemorating the victims of the Srebrenica genocide and attacking the United Nations.

    Zentrum für Politische Schönheit

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