At, we rollout fixes, improvements and features everyday. We even often have several deployments a day. We believe that this rate of deployment is mandatory in order to keep on delivering increasing value to our customers. This short article details the why and the how of this rapid delivery system. is an api-based content management system. It provides a friendly platform to over 30,000 developers to use with the technology of their choosing to build websites and apps. It also provides top-notch authoring and publication tools for editors and marketing teams around the world.

Some clients using in production

Both development and marketing…

A new headless CMS every few months? We see it as good news!

The industry is finally seeing the opportunity in a headless, decoupled or API-based CMS approach. We were fortunate enough to have pioneered this movement since the very beginning and we are confident that there is still a big chance for change in the future of CMS for websites and apps.

We are aware that in order to create a better future for content management, technical architecture alone cannot be our only driver. The Headless CMS concept provides a very solid architectural foundation. But we need to think bigger and take this movement to the next level.

We have to use…

Are you a WordPress developer? Wondering what makes a more suitable CMS backend for you? has been built from the ground up to make website developers more powerful by boosting their productivity and creativity. Here we will go through the major differences between and traditional systems like WordPress.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions through our chat support, your feedback is what allows us to evolve in the right direction!

1. is much more productive

Working with WordPress often seems like creating hacks on top of hacks. This makes it very hard to bootstrap and configure. You end up spending all your…


A headless API CMS that helps developers and marketers/content managers to work on websites and apps together

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