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Angry Woman, You Have Your Reasons

For wearing shorts in the hot seasons

They stare and glare as you walk

When you say stop, they fluster and balk

Make sure you smile and act a pleasant sight

Else you start to appear as a blight

Angry Woman, Give Away Your Armor

You don’t need that sheen around men of honor

Can’t you see how nice he is to you

He’ll tell you about his charm until his face is blue

Angry Woman, Don’t Take Back Your Space

All he wants is a quick little embrace

Always remember to keep your…

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Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Please be advised that I write about sexual harassment and consent violations in this article.

Perhaps I have been oblivious to how messed up our culture is when it comes to consent. I’m a 35-year-old woman. I’ve experienced sexual harassment at work from my superiors. It happened at different jobs on several occasions.

I’ve been bullied and physically intimidated by men twice my size. One beautiful Christmas morning, my neighbors had to call the police on my dad because it sounded like a war broke out in my living room. …

Blake London

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